LEGO Hill Climb Adventures is now globally available on Android and iOS

The game is now available worldwide!

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, the classic racing title with a LEGO twist is now available globally as an official release. The game is brought to you by a collaboration of The LEGO Group and Fingersoft. Earlier available for pre-registrations, the game has now finally received a global release for both Android and iOS.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures will offer the same thrill and adventures as the original Hill Climb Racing franchise

The game, LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, being a collaboration between the LEGO Group and Fingersoft will offer the same adventures and thrill as the original title but with a LEGO twist. LEGO Hill Climb Adventures will feature its own unique LEGO storyline with a couple of new features in the game alongside the familiar and classic Hill Climb Racing game physics and fun.

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The game will bring the best of both worlds, Hill Climb Racing and LEGO as it can be experienced from the graphics and new cars available in the game. The presence of LEGO is very much felt in the game with the addition of LEGO animations during the races, giving the game a very unique feel. LEGO Hill Climb Adventures offers a variety of different cars in the game some of them being the classic Hill Climb cars but with a LEGO twist.

LEGO Hill Climb Adventures, being a collab between the two worlds, will offer a variety of side quests from the LEGO NPCs, making the game even more interesting as you progress. The game despite being very simple could still be pretty challenging as you have to balance out the use of accelerator and brakes during stunts to find the winning formula in the races. In that case, our comprehensive guide to the game might just come in handy.

Players can start their LEGOesque Hill climbing adventures from their devices

The game, LEGO Hill Climb Adventures received an official release for both Android and iOS platforms on May 30, 2024. It is now available for fans and players to download from the official app stores after a year of announcement. If you are interested in the game, be sure to check it out via Google Play and the App Stores.

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