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Level Infinite’s fantasy RPG Chimeraland to release globally after its SEA launch earlier this year

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Over the past few years, open-world fantasy RPG games have paved a new way for users to find an escape. The increasing demand for these kinds of games has resulted in popular game development companies creating new games to obtain their share in the market. Now, Level Infinite has announced the global release of the famous open-world RPG game Chimeraland and the pre-registrations have already begun on both Android and iOS platforms.

Explore a prehistoric mythical world, inspired by eastern mythology

Chimeraland is an open-world fantasy RPG game set in a prehistoric mythical world. The game is inspired by eastern mythology and features a large open-world map with vivid assortments of wild creatures. Chimeraland looks just like any other RPG released on the market these days, but the game’s real scale can be experienced once a player is familiar with the game.

The game has a vast open-world map that consists of 4 continents, Southmount, Westmount, and Eastmount, the continents where the players have their everyday lives, and Centralmount which acts as a PvP-focused domain for those who want to go against each other. The game also features 14 different races like the human race, Bird people, Cat folk, Lizardfolk, and more.

Chimeraland is famous for the fierce monsters. The game has several mythical monsters from the “Classic of Mountains and Seas”. Players tame these monsters to use them in the game. They can also make the humongous monsters available in the game as their pets once they successfully tame them, and fight other monsters in the game. Players can combine two monsters into one and make the output monster powerful and invincible.

Chimeraland, Chimeraland MMORPG
Image via Level Infinite

Chimeraland offers extremely intricate survival crafting features, players can go around the world exploring while they also gather resources. On the other hand, they can also craft items, grow crops, and research technologies. Players can build their homes or safe spaces in the sky or the ocean or on the land without any limitations. 

Chimeraland’s global release is eagerly awaited for its immersive gameplay and beautiful visuals

Chimeraland is widely famous in the SEA region and is turning heads across the globe due to its beautiful visuals, backed up by the simple yet very immersive gameplay. The flexibility to customize some other features also stands out. The game also allows players to customize their avatar in numerous ways and has a versatile weapon collection that players can use during combat.

Chimeraland Ancient Beasts
Image via Level Infinite

Chimeraland takes some time to get familiar with, but once players are used to it, the experience is top-notch. Now, Level Infinite has officially announced that the game is available for Pre-registration on both Android and iOS platforms and will be globally launched very soon. Users can also pre-register for the game by visiting the official website.

What is your opinion now that Level Infinite announced the global release for Chimeraland? Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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