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List of Upcoming Collaborations in Free Fire in 2021

We are excited, are you?

Free Fire had an excellent 2020 in which the game even witnessed a record 100M daily active players in Q2. Hence, in pursuit of an even better 2021, Free Fire is all set up with a mighty list of upcoming collaborations to take place all over this year. Collaborations are something that Free Fire has been experimenting with since late 2019. Last year, there were quite a couple of Collabs which turned out to be quite a success. In this article, we will take a closer look at all these major collaborations awaiting us this year.

Free Fire × Sơn Tùng M-TP

free fire upcoming collaborations 2021

Sơn Tùng M-TP is a Vietnamese singer-songwriter and actor. This collaboration is crafted especially to appeal to the Vietnam server players, where Free Fire is growing into becoming a big name in the local Gaming Industry. The collab is all set to roll onto servers from 28th of January. Leaks suggest the arrival of a new character in OB26 called ‘Skyler’ which is based on the Artist himself. Apart from that, there’s also going to be new emotes, a surfboard and a few vehicle-skins up for the grabs.

Free Fire × McLaren

McLaren Racing Limited is a British motor racing team based at the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, England. It’s a very popular brand, even to a point where its class is acknowledged worldwide. It’s confirmed that players can expect an exciting collaboration between Garena and McLaren as the racing company verified the same, via an official statement on their website.

The collab is anticipated to happen sometime in the middle of the year. So far, nothing else has come out as leaks from this prospective collab event. Though, it’s not hard to think that it’s definitely got something to do with cars and the vehicles we have in the game. Maybe new incubator car skins!? Only time can tell!

2020 was a year that brought gaming to the forefront for many around the world. Both McLaren and Garena have a track record of creating engaging content for the gaming community. We are delighted to be working together to further our gaming capabilities and provide captivating content for our fan base around the world.

Mark Waller, Chief Commercial Officer, McLaren Racing

Free Fire × Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan is a very popular anime adaption of a manga with the same title. Free Fire is soon going to collaborate with this anime franchise in the upcoming patch update. So far, we already have the ‘One-Punch Man’ collaboration going on in full swing. ‘One-Punch Man’ is also a very popular anime. Looks like the anime fans are in for a treat this year!

This collaboration will definitely set a new benchmark in the context of community engagement we had so far, in this game. The leaks also suggest the introduction of two new legendary skins in the form of an M1014 shotgun and a P90 SMG based on the AoT theme within this collaboration event. Besides, the fans can also expect a lot of new bundles and a new mode based on the ‘Attack on Titan’ theme.

Free Fire × Randy Orton (COBRA)

This particular collaboration is totally speculative at this point, unlike the earlier ones which were actually confirmed. Though, there are plausible factors which lead us to believe the prospects of this collaboration really happening. One of those convincing factors includes the new Spawn Island visuals that we get to see in the OB 26 Update Patch. It is totally like a fighting ring, an MMA fighting ring to be precise. There’s also a sign of COBRA printed on the centre of the ring floor.

However, what points this towards Randy Orton is the fact that there’s a sign of COBRA everywhere in the next update patch. Now, most of the WWE fans would know that Randy Orton is popularly called the COBRA because of his close combat style depiction of an instinctive snake in a battle.

The COBRA theme will also feature new bundles, emotes and even an Evolutionary COBRA MP40 which will have its own exclusive emotes. From upcoming bundles to the Spawn Island featuring the theme of COBRA, it is surely keeping us all at the edges of our seats wondering what this could possibly be indicating!

Free Fire × Demon Slayer

This event is confirmed to take place in the Thailand server. However, it’s not known if the other servers will get to enjoy this collab, which doesn’t seem to be a global collaboration, anyway. Though, this is yet another very famous anime which rose to fame back in 2019. That collaboration offered a lot of real-life goodies such as T-Shirts, Bands and other such exclusive merchandise from the anime franchise. One Male and Female Bundle depicting the characters of the anime are also going to be up for purchase in a variety of in-game Web Events.

upcoming collaborations free fire 2021

Besides this, there are also going to be two new weapons featuring in this collaboration. One of them is the legendary M79 while the other is a theme skin of the P90. Though, as mentioned earlier, it seems very likely that this collaboration is a local one; limited to the Thailand server only.

We hope you find this article on upcoming collaborations of Free Fire in 2021 helpful. Also, don’t forget to drop your opinions in the comments!

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