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Magnum Quest brings the brand new Idle Dispatch feature with its latest update

The full 3D RPG game is back with new update and events!

TuYoo Games, the publisher and developer of the popular idle RPG game, Magnum Quest, has announced a new update featuring Idle Dispatch and other in-game events. The game combines idle tactical combat gameplay with card-based mechanics, utilizing personality-packed hero characters and challenging players to explore wintery wilds, delve deadly dungeons, and face off against fearsome foes. Each character is distinct, and they compete in fully rendered 3D battles of magic and might.

Magnum Quest is introducing a new feature, Idle Dispatch

Plenty of new features and content are included in the new Magnum Quest update, including more open-world elements, guild battles, equipment crafting, and a new feature: Idle Dispatch. These new gameplay elements expand the Magnum Quest world far beyond a traditional idle game, adding more tactical combat and enhancing the RPG elements of the game.

Magnum Quest Update
Image via TuYoo Games

New features of Magnum Quest are as follows:

  • There’s a Bigger World Out There: The addition of new open-world elements means that there is more for players to discover, from dangerous jungles and winter wastelands to creepy dungeons and sinister ruins.
  • Guild vs. Guild Battles: Player vs player combat is now available for those who want to pit their guilds against each other
  • Idle Dispatch: Magnum Quest is an idle game, and this update adds more idle gameplay. Players can send different teams to explore and earn more placement rewards by developing non-main characters.
  • Forge Your Destiny: A new crafting and forging system will allow you to make unique and powerful weapons and equipment.
Magnum Quest Endless Free summons
Image via TuYoo Games

To celebrate the update, the Magnum Quest team is hosting an Endless Free Summons event in which players can earn free cards to improve their characters. The 1000 draw raffle will be running for the next 30 days, so make your entry as soon as possible to avoid missing out!

What are your thoughts about the new Idle Dispatch feature in the latest content update of Magnum Quest? Do let us know in the comments below!

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