Marvel Snap: Hype the Hero event reaches 10 Million Hype points in just a week; issues 100 Gold to every player

The event witnessed huge participation!

Marvel Snap announced their recent web-based event for the players; Hype the Hero. The game officials introduced this web event to the players in which players need to play more and more matches and gather Hype points. This will help them earn massive rewards and strong Cards that will help them make their deck of cards even stronger than before. Thus, as per the report, the game has just achieved its first 10 Million Hype points which were later announced through the Marvel Snap official Twitter handle. 

Marvel Snap will reward all the players with 100 Gold as promised 

Marvel Snap officially announced all the details about the rewards and cards players are going to receive while the event lasts. The tweet initiated as; “We just hit 10 Million Hype in Hype the Hero! All players will receive 100 Gold, and this is just the start — Keep the records spinning up to 40M Hype and we’ll all earn a Hero Storm Avatar!”.

Thus, as per the first milestone achieved players will get rewarded with 100 Gold. There will be further interesting rewards such as 150 Credits and the main highlight of the event, the Storm Card in the upcoming 20 Million and 40 Million Hype points respectively.

The game officials came up with a tweet just after this huge success of the newly launched event and were found really enthusiastic after witnessing such hyped active participation from the players around the globe. The Hype the Hero event also has a lot more fantastic rewards to give to the players which we have covered in one of our latest pieces. Thus, follow up the piece to know more about the rewards and also about the new cards and new variants introduced in-game. 


Marvel Snap has been announced as the best game of the year 2022 and yet then they come off with fascinating events every month. This event helps to keep the enthusiasm inside the heart of the players. The recently announced event, Hype the Hero, which is a web-based event has crossed 10 Million Hype points due to its huge active participation witnessed from all around the world.

Marvel Snap Hype the Hero event
Image via Nuverse

Thus, the officials made the tweet to announce this huge success and promised to give 100 Gold to all the players as a sign of reward. Continue with the event as much as you can to win more fascinating rewards that will surely make your jaws drop. 

What are your thoughts about the Marvel Snap Hype the Hero web event reaching 10 Million Hype points in just a week? Let us know in the comment section below!

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