Marvel Snap introduces Cassie Lang aka Stature in its latest update

Another card with great potential!

Just a few days back, Marvel Snap introduced a new card of Kang, the Conqueror. On the ongoing hype of Ant-man and the Wasp Quantamania, Marvel Snap has now introduced the card of Stature, also known as Cassie Lang. The card has great potential and can play as a really good victory snatcher if a player has it in its deck. Thus, let us know in detail about the launch of the new card of Stature in the world of Marvel Snap. 

Marvel Snap released Stature as a rare card in the game

The card of Cassie Lang, that is Stature, has great statistics and features that have the ability to put the opponents into a dilemma while playing. The card of Stature costs 5 points and comes up with 7 power.

Stature MArvel Snap
Image via Nuverse

Marvel Snap has introduced this card into the rare series 5 card list and players with over 480+ Collection Levels have the chance to receive this card only. The card of Stature has great power, as this card will cost 1 if the opponent player discards a card from their deck in that particular deck. 

Marvel Snap Stature card
Image via Nuverse

Marvel Snap is significantly following up the movie line and thus by keeping them in mind, they are releasing new cards and coming up with seasons that have a direct relation with the movies and series. This actually helps put the players to become more enthusiastic about the game. The card has great potential to snatch away victory from the hands of the opponent very easily. 

Final Thoughts 

Marvel Snap has consistently dropped down new cards for the players and surprisingly all the cards have great potential as well. The card of Stature can become a great game changer for the players and will contribute a lot to the players. The card costs a bit, but if used properly, players can easily take the win at their last shot.

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