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Melvor Idle brings the Atlas of Discovery expansion with new skills, modes, and more

Dig a little deeper into the world of Melvor with Cartography and Archaeology

Jagex and Games by Malcs have jointly released Atlas of Discovery, a new expansion for Melvor Idle. This latest downloadable content (DLC) introduces two fresh skills, a novel game mode known as “Ancient Relics,” and an array of additional features that enhance the depth of the idle RPG.

Embark on an epic journey with Melvor Idle Atlas of Discovery

The Atlas of Discovery enables players to explore the vast world of Melvor and uncover new areas of the World Map using the newly introduced Cartography skill. Those interested in delving deeper into the world’s mysterious history can utilize the new Archaeology skill to unearth potent Artefacts concealed just beneath the surface.

Melvor Idle Atlas of Discovery DLC
Image via Jagex Games Studio

Gamers can also enhance their combat prowess in fresh Combat Areas, Slayer Areas, and Dungeons, featuring over 45 formidable new adversaries to confront and numerous novel items to uncover. They will become proficient in new combat tactics, including Unholy Prayers and the formidable Barrier mechanic, while also taking advantage of additional equipment slots and gear tiers. Furthermore, there are charming new pets available to accompany them on their idle adventures. Some of the new features in Atlas of Discovery are as follows:

  • 2 New Skills: Cartography and Archaeology
  • New Game mode: Ancient Relics Mode
  • 600+ New Items
  • 46 new Monsters
  • 8 new Combat Areas
  • 3 new Slayer Areas
  • 5 new Dungeons
  • 10+ new Pets

Melvor Idle offers a RuneScape-inspired idle experience that distills the essence of what makes the long-running MMO so captivating. It presents a pure form of the game that appeals to both veterans and newcomers. With over 20 skills to level up, comprehensive combat mechanics, accessible systems, and a plethora of dungeons and bosses to conquer, it provides a rich gaming experience.

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