Milk Farm Tycoon by East Side Games is now available for pre-registration

Carry on Lily's grandpa’s legacy and build the greatest milk empire!

Milk Farm Tycoon is a simulation game from East Side Games Studios where players play the role of a dairy farm tycoon in an idle simulation scenario where they need to look after the milk business that their grandpa established and make it thrive. As of now, Milk Farm Tycoon is undergoing pre-registration so players can try out the game as soon as it launches.

Fulfill Lily’s grandpa’s dream of building a milk empire in Milk Farm Tycoon

The storyline of the game is set around Lily, who is the main protagonist and the players will play as her. She has to take over her grandpa’s farm which is his whole life’s work but was shut down due to market saturation. It is now the player’s job to bring the farm back into the business and make it more successful than it had ever been before.

The most important aspects of this game are the cows that are going to produce the milk for distribution. Players need to make sure that they are leading a very happy life as happy cows are more efficient and produce better quality milk and in more quantity too which will help the players in turn to earn more profit. After reaching a certain required goal, players should try to buy even more cows to increase productivity and make their empire even bigger.

Milk Farm Tycoon
Image via East Side Games

Apart from selling fresh milk, players can also sell various dairy products like butter, cheese, latte cream, chocolate milk, ice cream, yogurt, and protein powder to maximize their earnings and earn money in every possible way on their farms. In this way, players can take advantage of their good business strategies and make decisions about where they should invest their money and which new equipment they should buy to effectively manage their cash intake and outtake.

Hire workers for various jobs across the Milk Farm

Players will also have to hire more personnel according to their needs on the farm as different workers will help in completing different jobs efficiently. The jobs range from taking care of the cows to operating various types of equipment on the farm. 

Milk Farm Tycoon is available for pre-registration on both the Google Play and App Store and interested players can register themselves to have their hands on the game as soon as it is available in their respective regions. They can also visit their official site to be up to date with the game’s updates and find out about new games from the publishers.

Are you excited as Milk Farm Tycoon is now available for pre-registration? Let us know in the comments below!

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