Mobile Gaming Revenue rises 27% Y/Y to $19.3 Billion in Q2 2020

Global app analytics and competitive app intelligence platform Sensor Tower reported that Mobile Gaming Revenue rose by 27% Y/Y in Q2 2020. The report mentions that the global player spending on mobile games rose to $19.3 billion for this quarter.

In comparison with Q1 2020, mobile gaming revenue for Q2 2020 is up by 10.3 percent. It is interesting to note that the player spending during COVID-19 is on the rise. The growth in players spending in Q1 was 6.7 percent quarter-over-quarter, and 16 percent Y/Y to $17.5 billion. If we consider monthly revenue, then it achieved its peak in May with $6.6 billion and that was up 21.5% Y/Y.

Mobile Gaming Revenue q2 2020
Source: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence

The new game downloads were on the rise and were up by 20.7 percent Q/Q and 38 percent Y/Y to 13.4 billion in Q1. According to the sensor tower, the growth is much higher in Q2 2020 to more than 15 billion i.e, 45.2 percent Y/Y. If we consider monthly downloads, then it achieved its peak in April with $5.5 billion and that was up 21.5% Y/Y.

Mobile Gaming Revenue
Source: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence

India, the US and Brazil have the highest game downloads

If we compare the report of both the quarters of 2020, the top 3 countries for downloads are India, The US, and Brazil. India witnessed a growth of nearly 1 Billion downloads.

Total game downloads in India were close to 1.8 billion in Q1 which is now surged by 50 percent to 2.7 billion in Q2. Experts are giving credit to the countrywide lockdown which was in place due to COVID-19. Growth in The U.S. was more than 1.4 billion in both quarters. Brazil also generated around 1.1 billion downloads in Q1, with downloads increasing 9 percent to 1.2 billion in Q2.

China was the only major country where total downloads decreased in Q2. The total download in China’s App Store was 743 million in Q1 which dropped 35.8 percent to close to 477 million in Q2.

Top Games in Q2 2020

PUBG Mobile became the top-grossing game in the world during Q2 2020 by generating approx $621 million. It was surprising that its revenue decreased by 8 percent in comparison with Q1 2020. It can also be due to the recent decision of the Indian government to ban many apps due to the rise in tensions between India and China after the border dispute. Major tabloids also reported that PUBG Mobile and Clash of Clans are also being considered to be banned in India.

Mobile Gaming Revenue
Source: Sensor Tower Store Intelligence

Roblox became one of the top risers by accumulating $302.8 million in Q2 for its mobile version that is a rise of 58.8 percent. Pokémon GO also witnessed significant growth in revenue in Q2 2020 by rising 32.7 percent Q/Q to more than $254 million.

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