Mobile Legends: 3 Reasons why Hanabi ‘Field Op’ skin will dazzle you

Your mission, should you choose to accept it

The barrage of new skins being released by Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is seemingly endless, with new skins on sale every other week and limited skins going back on an encore. Adding to the recent arrival of Baxia’s ‘Ba-Tender’ Skin, this time, ML has announced that Hanabi, the Scarlet Flower, will be getting a Special Skin with the codename Field Op. From what we can see in the skin preview, the skin boasts a light pink color scheme with fancy technological accents, as is sure one to consider purchasing if you are a Hanabi main or love to play the hero. However, we shall see 3 Reasons why the new Hanabi Field Op skin will dazzle you in Mobile Legends.

3 Reasons why Hanabi Field Op skin will dazzle you

1. Get to relive your childhood dreams

Entire generations are brought up on popular spy blockbuster franchises like Mission Impossible, James Bond, Men in Black, and more. It came with children believing that they want to grow up working as government operatives and secret agents.

While most of us know this just won’t be possible given the slim chances and opportunities, Field Op gives players the chance to live that dream. Hair up and mask on, you can now play as Hanabi to embark on a (not-so) secret mission to scout the battleground and eliminate your enemies. Being part of the ninja trio herself (Hanzo, Hanabi, Hayabusa), the Scarlet Flower is well acquainted with the element of surprise and will dominate any battlefield in style. 

2. Upgrade your shurikens

Gone are the days where battles are concluded with a 1-on-1 jousting match. We enter into the era of modern warfare. From chemical rockets to swords the size of men, to giant fireballs, MLBB characters have it all. It is certainly about time that the one and only Scarlet Flower upgrade her weapons of choice with the latest and greatest technology.

Suited up for stealthy combat, FIeld Op depicts your classic modern ninja. Complete with advanced shurikens that will ricochet off of each enemy it touches; a utility suit made for dealing with any situation. Along with, of course, some good old standard ninjutsu tactics to bring that additional surprise factor. This latest Hanabi skin comes with a new hairdo too, shining a lighter pink shade on her character design, weapons, as well as skill effects. 

3. Either make it or break it

Most of the ML community knows Hanabi has a reputation of being a weak pick. It is mainly because of her extremely subpar early game. With one of the weakest base damage heroes in the game, Hanabi is difficult to play due to being easily overwhelmed by Assassins, Fighters, and even other Marksmen.

However, she easily makes up for it with one of the most insane late-game Glo-ups among all the carry heroes. With the proper build and support, a farmed Hanabi is impossible to kill. Her passive Ninjutsu: Equinox allows her to have up to 25% of her health as additional Shield, during which she is immune to Crowd Control effects. Not to mention, Petal Barrage is a deadly team fight asset and will shred the enemy team to pieces.

All in all, Hanabi is quite a risky pick given the consequences. But, she will be a huge asset to have on the team if you manage to hold off her enemies and provide the space for the farm. Field Op is a great budget skin if you are just getting into Hanabi and need some motivation to keep going, or if you are a Hanabi main and love to see her get some much-needed advancements. Make sure to ready your diamonds and get them on the first week to enjoy the 30% discounted bundle!

What is your opinion the new Mobile Legends Hanabi Field Op skin? Let us know in the comment section below!

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