Mobile Legends March 2024 Leaks: New Hero Chip, new skins, events and more

New stuff to arrive on March in MLBB!

As February is coming to an end soon, we will look at some future releases within the coming month of March 2024 in Mobile Legends. It is going to feature numerous skins and events alongside a new hero, in the form of Chip, which is to be showcased in March 2024. Hence, without much further ado, let’s check out the different leaks, events, and skins that will be dropping in March 2024 in Mobile Legends.

New Hero: Chip

Chip is an upcoming new Tank/support role hero scheduled to be released in March 2024. He debuted on the Advanced Server in January 2024 and has proven to be a worthy battle adversary. Chip is a unique hero, who is capable of opening portals for himself and even allies, wherever they are on the battlefield. This amazing ability has proven to be very powerful, as it sure can change the tides of teamfights.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.54 Update, chip mlbb, chip mobile legends
Image via MOONTON Games

Since allies would now be able to effortlessly join fights wherever they are, thus giving a chance for awesome hero combos. All in all, Chip is quite intriguing and fun to play. Tank mains would have a good time using this unique hero, when he debuts in March 2024.

Mobile Legends March 2024 Leaks: Upcoming skins and events for March 2024

March 2024 Starlight skin

The March 2024 Starlight skin will be titled Dynamic Streak skin and the lucky hero to possess this skin will be Ixia. Ixia is a unique marksman hero who’s mostly feared due to her passive regen, as well as the burst damage potential of her ultimate ability.

Mobile Legends March 2024 Starlight Pass
Image via MOONTON Games

Ixia’s Starlight skin has cool effects and portrays her as a cool young girl equipped with cool-looking weapons. These cool skin features are mostly observed when Ixia uses her skills especially her ultimate ability which allows her to combo with all her other skills alongside basic attacks. The skin effects are even well observed when players obtain and use Ixia’s Painted or Bonus-painted skin.

Diggie Ranked Season 32 skin

Diggie Ranked S32 skin, Mobile Legends March 2024 Leaks
Image via MOONTON Games

As the Ranked Season 32 is almost here, support-role hero Diggie will be getting an all-new season-exclusive skin. This skin would be available for players, whenever they play up to 20 Ranked matches in the new upcoming season. This skin sure seems great, as it shows Diggie to be a cute little owl who just loves exploring.

Minisitthar ‘Soul Invictus’ Collector Skin

Minsitthar's March 2024 Collector Skin, Mobile Legends March 2024 Leaks
Image via MOONTON Games

The Fighter role hero, Minisitthar will be debuting with a new Collector Skin in March 2024. This new collector is titled Soul Invictus and is going to be available for grabs in the Grand collection event. It would also debut alongside 2 other previously-existing collector skins owned by heroes, Natan and Nana. The new collector skin would also be Minisitthar’s best skin yet, so it is a good choice for the Minisitthar mains.

Aspirants Skin event

Aspirants 2024 event
Image via MOONTON Games

The much-awaited Aspirants skins event will be returning in March 2024 and will bring about 2 new skins. The event would be introducing the all-new Lesley and Chang’e Aspirants skin. The skins would debut on the 3rd of March, 2024, and would be available for grabs when players draw in the event. Players would need to draw at least 30-40 draws to obtain at least one of these skins.

All-Star 2024 event

The All-Star event will be returning in April 2024. This event is now promising a much larger prizepool including numerous free heroes, skins, and lots more rewards to be gotten. The All-Star event would also feature some other smaller events such as the All-Star Sparkle event. The All-star Sparkle event is a new event that would be introducing some new exclusive skins, such as:

Esmerelda Astra Muse skin would be available for grabs completely for free, whilst the others would be available for a discounted price.

Infernal Wyrmlord Draw event

The Infernal Wyrmlord Draw event is going to be featuring the All-new Moskov Allstar skin titled Infernal Wyrmlord. This event would allow players to make draws to obtain the event-exclusive skin, whilst also bringing about the return of STUN skins amongst others. Skins such as STUN skins and AllStar exclusive skins would be obtainable when players exchange enough crests for the skins.

Promo Diamonds event

The much-awaited promo diamonds event would be returning to Mobile Legends in March alongside the All-Star event. Promo diamonds are free diamonds that are accumulated and gotten when players perform specific tasks from the event. Players would only need 1 diamonds before they can use them. However, some extra new minimum diamond discount rules have been added, they include:

Mobile Legends All-Star Promo Diamonds event
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Players need a Minimum of 100 Diamonds before they can use their promo diamonds to purchase ALLSTAR skins.
  • Players need a minimum of 20 diamonds before they can use their promo diamonds to draw in the Moonlit Wish event.

That’s all about the new things in Mobile Legends!

What are your thoughts on the March 2024 leaks in Mobile Legends? Tell us in the comments below!

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