Mobile Legends Leaks: New map survey shows revamped base and creeps

Following the leaks on the new UI and revamped visuals, developers at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang have released a new map survey regarding the base design, as well as new designs for the Core Guard, Statued Shocker, Cryoturtle, and the Sanctuary Lord. ML seems to be upgrading their older character models to be up to date with the latest technology and giving their fans the best. In this article, we will examine closely the changes that developers are planning to make in future updates.

Mobile Legends: Revamped base and creep designs

1. Base design

Mobile Legends map survey
Mobile Legends: Base Design

While it may not look like much at a glance, ML has put a lot of effort into refining the details of the base, such as the patterns on the ground, the background forest motifs, as well as a more detailed, decorated wall design.

2. Jungle Creep Design

Mobile Legends map survey
Mobile Legends: Designs of Core Guardian and Statued Shockers

Next, Moonton developers will be looking to upgrade the designs of the Core Guardian and the Statued Shockers. The designs are looking much brighter and more complex, with more detailed patterns and amazing themes. The colors of reddish orange and yellow are a perfect complement to the orange buff that the creep bestows upon the hero who kills the Core Guardian, and the same can be said for the bluish purple color scheme of the Statued Shockers, who can bestow the purple buff to heroes. These designs are definitely an integral part of Project NEXT Phase 2!

3. Cryoturtle and Sanctuary Lord Designs

Mobile Legends map survey
Mobile Legends: Cryoturtle and Sanctuary Lord

Lastly, Moonton has also decided to gauge interest in improving the Cryoturtle and Sanctuary Lord designs. The Turtle design in the survey looks similar to the one in the game, but slightly more like a Golem, and has a large orb on its shell. This makes the Turtle look and feels more ancient, as a Legendary Jungle Creep should be. The same can definitely be said for the Lord, who has a completely new look. Gone are the celestial robes and medieval axes, and this Lord comes with an aquatic-electrical design, and what seems to be a blue trident. It certainly looks more menacing, swinging its giant trident and charging right at your turrets. Be sure to stay posted on the results of the survey!

Final thoughts

These new designs are rumoured to be part of a larger model remake, dubbed Phase 2 of Project NEXT. Just as Phase 1 of Project NEXT, this second phase is gearing up to be a huge update with tons of changes made to optimize the gamers’ experience in MLBB, so stay tuned for more Project NEXT news!

What is your opinion on the new revamped base designs for the Mobile Legends Project Next Phase 2 update? Do let us know in the comments!

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