Mobile Legends October 2021 Starlight Pass: New skins, emotes, and more

Limited sacred statue for Benedetta one of the rewards!

The Starlight Pass for September 2021 is almost at its end, and the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Team has already revealed the Starlight Pass perks for October 2021. So, let’s have a look at what they have got in store for the Pass for the next month!

October 2021 Starlight Pass Rewards and Perks

New Starlight Skin

Pirate Parrot skin for Ruby which had been leaked for a long time will be finally released in the Starlight Pass for October 2021. 

Mobile Legends October 2021 Starlight Pass
Pirate Parrot Skin for Ruby

Starlight Skin Options

Every month upon purchase of the Starlight Pass, players get to choose one from a series of five limited Starlight Skins presented by Mobile legends. Here are some selected Starlight Skins that players can get for Starlight Membership in October 2021.

  • Ruby Pirate Parrot Skin

The Pirate Parrot skin of Ruby is exclusive to the Starlight Skin 2021. It has a pirate-themed look and water wave animations which goes in well with Ruby’s skills.

  • Lancelot Dark Earl Skin

The Dark Earl Skin of Lancelot is a Starlight Exclusive Skin released back in August 2018. This changes the appearance of Lancelot like that of a vampire noble.

  • Esmeralda Cleopatra Skin

The Cleopatra skin of Esmeralda is a Starlight Exclusive Skin which was released in September 2020. This changes Esmeralda’s appearance to that of a character in ancient Egypt. This has to be one of the best skins of Esmeralda.

  • Karina Black Pearl Skin

The Black Pearl Skin of Karina is a fairly old Starlight Exclusive Skin released back in July 2017. This skin was also pirate-themed, just like the Pirate Parrot skin of Ruby.

  • Roger Anubis Skin

The Anubis skin of Roger is a Starlight Exclusive Skin released in February 2018. The skin is themed on the Ancient Egyptian God of Death Anubis himself.

Mobile Legends October 2021 Starlight Pass
5 Starlight Skins to choose from

Starlight Sacred Statue 

Players will receive a limited sacred statue for Benedetta as a Starlight Reward for October 2021.

Mobile Legends October 2021 Starlight Pass
Starlight Perks

Starlight Painted Skin

Players will receive a painted skin for the original Castle Guard skin of Grock, the Fortress Titan. Please note that this is a painted skin, hence players need to own the original Castle Guard Skin to use this.

Grock Painted Skin

Starlight Exclusive Battle Emote

Players will also be receiving Ruby Pirate Parrot Battle Emote which is exclusive for the purchase of Starlight Pass in October 2021.

Ruby Pirate Parrot Battle Emote

Mobile Legends October 2021 Starlight Pass: Member Benefits

Other than the abovementioned rewards, there are a lot more privileges one gets in becoming a Starlight member.

Access to 6 weekly free heroesExtended in-game friend limit (up to 200)
Access to 6 weekly free skins10% more EXP for every match
An exclusive avatar border (31-day)Starlight exclusive profile
Extra 10 protection points when losing a ranked matchStarlight exclusive chat frame & battle emotes
Starlight exclusive elimination alert, recall effect & spawn effectSign-in for a previous day in the “7-Day Log-In” event
30% more mastery points for every match5% more BP for every match
One-time free Mysterious shop refreshStarlight talent page

You can check Starlight member benefits in-game by clicking on Starlight, then selecting the Privileges tab.

Mobile Legends October 2021 Starlight Pass
Starlight member benefits

So that’s it for the perks and rewards from the Starlight Pass of October 2021. The Starlight Pass is a must-buy for all the Ruby mains to get their hands on the exclusive Pirate Parrot Skin of Ruby along with all the other Starlight rewards and benefits it offers.

That’s all for today’s overview guide about the October 2021 Starlight Pass in Mobile Legends? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Hi i have a question. Is it possible to buy 2 starlight skin. Id like to get esme and ruby’s skin. I bought esme’s starlight and now i want to buy ruby’s. Is that possible? If it is how? Thank you

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