Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.38 Update: Hero Adjustments, Battlefield Adjustments and more

New set of changes from the developers!

With the Patch 1.7.36 Update in the Mobile Legends Advanced Server being rolled out a week before, Patch 1.7.38 Update brings a number of hero balance changes along with battlefield adjustments to optimize the gameplay for the Mobile Legends players. There have been slight bug fixes other than these adjustments. Let us break down the Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.38 Update in detail.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.36 Update: Hero Adjustments

Hanabi (Adjusted)

Hanabi Guide Mobile Legends
Image via MOONTON Games

It has become a lot easier for Hanabi to deal damage with her control immunity, so the developers nerfing her basic attack range to balance.

Basic Attack (↓)

Range: 5 units >> 4.8 units

Skill 1 (↑)

Damage dealt to non-hero units is converted into a shield, as well.

Ultimate (~)

Higanbana blooms upon every hit instead of only the first hit, but the bloom range is reduced and damage decays if Higanbana hits the same target repeatedly.

Layla (Buffed)

Layla has upgraded her equipment against complex battle environments. She can now more frequently attack enemies from afar, but the lighter equipment has also lowered her damage slightly.

Skill 1 (↑)

Cooldown: 6s >> 6-4s

Hits also increase the cast range of her skill 2 [Void Projectile].

Passive (↓)

Damage Increased with Distance: 100-140% >> 100%-135%

Natan (Adjusted)

Experimental Changes: The developers are hoping that Natan can be more of a fast-attacking Magic Damage Marksman.

Passive (~)

  • Basic Attack’s Damage: 70% Total Physical Attack + 30% Total Magic Power >> 70% Total Physical Attack + 50% Total Magic Power
  • The effects of converting Physical Penetration to Magic Penetration are being removed.
  • Natan can now directly gain Magic Penetration.

Skill 1 (~)

Damage Bonus: 180% Total Physical Attack + 120% Total Magic Power >> 100% Total Physical Attack + 150% Total Magic Power

Other (~)

Reset Recommended Builds: Natan now benefits more from Magic and Attack Effect equipment.

Yi Sun-shin (Buffed)

Image via MOONTON Games

The developers are making the following adjustments to Yi Sun-shin to increase both his skill cap and early-game performance.

Passive (↑)

  • First Enhanced Basic Attack’s Damage: 60%-100% >> 70%-100%
  • Second Enhanced Basic Attack’s Damage: 60%-75% >> 55%-70%
  • New Effect: First Enhanced Basic Attack now grants extra Movement Speed on hit.

Alice (Buffed)

Alice’s early-to-mid-game performance was still below expectations. Therefore, the developers are improving her growth again.

Ultimate (↑)

  • Base Damage: 60-120 >> 90
  • Extra Damage: 0.5% -1.5% >> 0.5%-3%
  • Mana Cost: 50-140 >> 50-160

Yve (Buffed)

The developers have improved Yve’s control and early-game laning abilities.

Skill 1 (↑)

Mana Cost: 65-90 >> 50-90

Skill 2 (↑)

Slow Effect: 35%-60% >> 50%-75%

[Ultimate] (↑)

  • The accuracy of the tapping, sliding and edge immobilizing ranges has been optimized.
  • Slow Effect: 60% >> 75%

Pharsa (Nerfed)

Mobile Legends Pharsa guide
Pharsa in Mobile Legends (Image via Moonton)

Pharsa is an all-rounder with high burst damage, extremely long range, and great mobility. The developers are nerfing her mobility to make her more of a low-mobility cannon.

Wings by Wings (↓)

Cooldown: 18s >> 23s

Fanny (Adjusted)

The developers are reducing some of Fanny’s early-game power.

Skill 1 (↑)

Base Damage: 320-520 >> 320-545

Passive (↓)

Damage Increased with Flying Speed: 15%-30% >> 10%-20%

Attribute (↓)

Base HP: 2526 >> 2426

Leomord (Nerfed)

The developers have now reduced how often Leomord can use his Ultimate.

Ultimate (↓)

  • The cooldown starts after the effects of the Ultimate end.
  • Cooldown: 55-45s >> 45-35s

Carmilla (Nerfed)

Carmilla’s Ultimate currently provides too much utility to her team, so we are making it easier for her enemies to break links.

Ultimate (↓)

  • Links’ Slow Effect: 60% >> 30%
  • Cooldown: 40-30s >> 48-40s

Kaja (Nerfed)

Mobile Legends Kaja Game MLBB Hero Cover, Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.24 Update
Image via Moonton

Kaja overpowers his enemies in the early and mid-game with frequent uses of his skill 1 and powerful passive, so the developers are reverting some of the paralyze effects and slightly nerfing his laning abilities in the early to mid-game.

Passive (↓)

Damage reduction from each Paralyze stack: 8% >> 5%

Skill 1 (↓)

Cooldown: 6.5-4.5s >> 9-5s

Benedetta (Buffed)

The developers have slightly reverted the nerf from the previous patch.

Skill 1 (↑)

Cooldown: 11-9s >> 10-8s

Skill 2 (↑)

Cooldown: 16-13s >> 15-12s

Hilda (Nerfed)

The developers have slightly reverted the buff from the previous patch.

Passive (↓)

Defence reduction from each mark: 6% >> 4%

Sun (Nerfed)

The new equipment made Sun too strong. The developers are tuning it down.

Skill 1 and 2 (↓)

Doppelgangers’ Attack Effects %: 100% >> 50%

Valentina (Buffed)

Ultimate (↑)

Control Duration: 0.8s >> 1s

Lapu-Lapu (Nerfed)

Ultimate (↓)

Bravery Blessing gain after Ultimate transformation: 500% >> 300%

Khaleed (Nerfed)

Passive (↓)

Movement Speed Boost: 40% >> 35%

Thamuz (↓)

Ultimate (↓)

Extra HP: 1000-2000 >> 500-1500

Brody (Nerfed)

Passive (↓)

Basic Attack Damage Growth: 45 >> 40

Martis (Nerfed)

The developers have slightly reduced the passive bonus.

Passive (↓)

Extra Physical Attack at max stacks: 10* Hero Level >> 7* Hero level

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.38 Update: Battlefield Adjustments


Retribution‘s target selection has been optimized. It now targets the Lord, Turtle, Orange Buff, and Purple Buff by default.


Dominance Ice (~)

In the current version, most Tanks, Warriors, and even some Assassins and Supports would choose this equipment. The developer is making it less universal and more specialized towards Attack Speed heroes.

  • Removed Unique Attribute: 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Lowers nearby enemy heroes’ Attack Speed by 30% >> Lowers nearby enemy heroes’ Attack Speed to 65%

Brute Force Breastplate (↑)

With the change to Dominance Ice, there is one less Defense equipment with Cooldown reduction. Since the developers have noticed that most users of Brute Force Breastplate] needed Cooldown Reduction, we added it while adjusting other stats.

  • New Attribute: 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • Max HP: 770 >> 600
  • Physical Defense: 45 >> 30

Swift Crossbow (↓)

Cost: 800>>1000 (Already in effect in the current version)

Sound fixes

The developers have completed all of our skill sound effects adjustments with this patch. The sound effects are only played if the skill is visible.

What are your thoughts about our Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.38 Update? Let us know in the comment section below!

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