Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.86 Update: Hero Adjustments, Battlefield Adjustments and more

New adjustments on the way for Mobile Legends players in Advanced Server!

With the current Patch Update in Mobile Legends, developers have clarified the Spell Vamp Ratio on hero skills, which are divided into 125%, 100%, 50%, and 25%. Spell Vamp Ratios that aren’t 100% will be shown in Skill Descriptions. The New Main Interface early access will be closed temporarily for internal testing. Players that are currently on the New Main Interface will be automatically switched back to the old version. With more hero and battlefield optimizations, we will break down the Patch 1.7.86 Update of Mobile Legends in detail.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.86 Update: Hero Adjustments

Ixia (↑)

Developers have balanced Ixia’s damage in the early and late game, and optimized her equipment builds.

Passive (~)

  • Siphon Starlium’s Damage: 100% Physical Attack + 200* Lifesteal + 30 (+Hero Level* 20) >> 150% Physical Attack + 200 Lifesteal + Hero Level 10
  • New Effect: Ixia gains a stack of “Starlium Power” upon triggering Siphon Starlium, increasing her Attack Speed by 25% (stacks up to 2 times).
  • Removed Effect: Siphon Starlium slows enemies.

Skill 1 (↑)

New Effect: Slows enemy heroes hit by 40% for 2s.

Ultimate (↑)

Casting Ultimate grants full stacks of “Starlium Power”.


Optimized recommended equipment builds.

Yu Zhong (↑)

Yu Zhong Mobile Legends Cover
Image via Moonton

Experimental Changes: Developers want Yu Zhong to have more highlight moments when using the right attacks and skills against multiple enemies alone.

Passive (~)

Revamped Effect: Yu Zhong gains a stack of Sha Essence every time he deals damage to an enemy hero. When Sha Essence is at full stacks, Yu Zhong gains extra Movement Speed, Physical Attack and Spell Vamp. During this period, Sha Essence can be restored by dealing damage to enemies. When an enemy hero dies within 3s after being hit by Yu Zhong, he gains additional Sha Essence.

Skill 1 (↑)

Cooldown: 7-5.5s >> 5-3.5s

Tigreal (↑)

Developers have made adjustments to improve Tigreal’s performance in the high-rank play.

Skill 1 (↑)

  • The slow effect from each hit: 10%/20%/30% >> 15%/30%/45%
  • Base Damage per hit: 270-420 >> 270-520
  • Cooldown: 7-4.5s >> 7-4s
  • New Effect: The slow effect now stacks per hit.

Skill 2 (↑)

Mana Cost: 90 >> 70

Vale (~)

  • Experimental Changes: Developers are giving Vale a new mechanic to bring back the
  • Windblow: Fix and Windstorm: Gather combo effect. Also, since he’s too powerful after Awakening, we’ve reduced his overall damage but kept the unique explosion damage of his Ultimate.

Skill 2 (↓)

  • Base Damage: 410-610 (+80% Total Magic Power) >> 400-500 (+40% Total Magic Power)
  • Damage: 80-130 (+30% Total Magic Power) >> 50-100 (+20% Total Magic Power)

Ultimate (↑)

  • Slightly adjusted the pull strength.
  • New Effect: Nearby Windblows will also be pulled to the center of the Windstorm.

Wanwan (↓)

Wanwan Mobile Legends Game Cover
Image via Moonton

Developers have slightly reduced Wanwan’s quickness and self-preservation in the late game.

Passive (↓)

Slightly reduced the dash speed scaling in relation to her Attack Speed.

Balmond (↑)

Developers are adjusting Balmond’s Ultimate to be more suited as a finisher that all heroes should be wary of.

Skill 1 (↑)

Slow Effect: 30% >> 60%

Ultimate (↑)

  • Damage: 400 + Total Physical Attack* 0.6 + Enemy’s Lost HP* 20%/25%/30% >> 150 + Total Physical Attack* 0.7 + Enemy’s Lost HP* 30%/37.5%/45%
  • Removed the slow effect.

Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.86 Update: Battlefield Adjustments


After long-term observation, developers have noticed that Fixed Penetration is not only rewarding in the early game but also effective in the late game. On one hand, this means squishy heroes are less durable and have to buy extra equipment for defense in high-rank matches.

On the other hand, it limits equipment choices. Considering the overall increase of hero damage over the past years, developers have decided to slightly boost the late-game survivability of all heroes, in order to hopefully improve the battle experience.

All Heroes (↑)

Hybrid Defense Growth per level: 0.36 (5 at max level)

Equipment changes

To balance the changes made to heroes’ late-game Defense, developers are making two percentage-based Penetration equipment more efficient against enemies with high Defense. Meanwhile, since they are also effective in the mid-game, developers are reducing their Attack attributes for late-game use. Because one is Physical and the other is Magic, their Attack reductions were balanced differently.

Malefic Roar (~)

  • Physical Attack: 60 >> 50
  • Physical Penetration: 35% >> 40%

Divine Glaive (~)

  • Magic Power: 65 >> 60
  • Magic Penetration: 35% >> 40%

Antique Cuirass (↑)

Most heroes that rely on skills have high base damage, so developers hope the following change will make this equipment more targeted at these heroes.

Unique Passive – Deter (↑)

When hit by a skill, reduces the attacker’s Physical Attack by 8% >> reduces the attacker’s Physical Damage by 6%.

Dreadnaught Armor (↑)

Unique Passive – Deter (↑)

When hit by a skill, reduces the attacker’s Physical Attack by 5% >> reduces the attacker’s Physical Damage by 4%.

Concentrated Energy (↑)

Unique Passive – Recharge (↑)

Stack Interval: 1s >> 0.5s


Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.86 Update Luo Yi MLBB
Image via MOONTON Games
  • Adjusted the cooldown calculation of Luo Y’s Ultimate. It now enters cooldown upon being cast, not after it ends. (Already been in effect since the previous patch and on Official Server.)
  • Adjusted the cooldown calculation of Faramis’ Ultimate. It now enters cooldown immediately after being cast.

That’s all players can expect from the recent Mobile Legends Patch 1.7.86 Update.

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