Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.68: All you need to know

New heroes and old are getting more changes!

Following the huge success of the previous patch, developers at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang are back at it again with more heroes, battlefield, and system adjustments with their Patch Update 1.5.68. This time around, more emphasis is being placed on the battlefield in the (MOBA) game, and they are working on optimizing the game so that matches will not end too quickly or last too long. With this version now live on the Advanced Server, players can expect to see it go live on the Original Server soon.

New and Revamped Heroes

Revamped Hero: Bane

Revamped Bane Model
Revamped Bane Model

Bane’s revamped version has been received very warmly on the Original Server, and he is being optimized even further in the Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.68, to improve his gameplay. Developers are looking to buff the Physical Attack aspect of Bane, as we have seen the popularity of Bane being built with solely Magic Attack items.


Changed the way of stacking Bane’s Passive. Now, he gains 1 stack when actively casting a skill, to a max of 2 stacks. Basic Attacks consume 1 stack and deal Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

Skill 1

Bane now gains an extra Passive stack when his Skill 1 attacks bounce between enemies.


Bane’s Ultimate no longer reduces the target’s Attack Speed.

Hero Adjustments

Revamped Karina

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.5.68

Karina’s Passive is looking to be strengthened, so some of the damage from Skill 1 has been shifted to the Passive instead. The damage dealt by the two phases of her Ultimate has been swapped as well, with the second phase now weaker than the first phase, as a means to increase its functionality. The purpose of these changes is to make Karina’s burst capabilities less mindless, but still feasible when used properly.


Base Damage: 0 → 50-120 (scales with level)

Skill 1

Pre-Crit Base Damage: 160-260 → 135-210


  • First Phase Damage: 300-420 + 100% Magic Power → 520-720 +150% Magic Power
  • Second Phase Damage: No longer affected by target’s HP lost, and has been reduced to 300-420 + 100% Magic Power
  • Cooldown: 48s-40s → 42s-34s
  • Slightly widened skill range


Phoveus’s Skill 1 charge time has been reduced, but the damage it can deal to one enemy has also been limited. To balance it, his survivability and skill accuracy has been increased. As for his Ultimate, the casting experience is improved and adjusted enemy difficulty to deal with it.


The Passive now reduces Skill 1’s charge time when triggered, instead of the cooldown time.

Skill 1

  • Charge Time: 9s-6.5s → 9s-7.5s
  • Damage Decay on a single enemy: 50% → 35%
  • Base Shield: 450-750 → 450-950
  • Slightly increased the skill’s range
  • Slightly reduced casting front-swing time
  • New Effect: Damage is now also transmitted when hitting a minion or summon.


  • Cooldown: 40s-30s → 50s-40s
  • Casting Range: 8–>10 yards (Detection remains at 8 yards, but attack range is increased to 10 yards)
  • Optimizes the way enemies are alerted
  • Optimized the damage area indicators
  • Enemy avatars will appear at the edge of the screen if they’re within this follow-up attack area, but off-screen.


  • Fixed an issue where ultimates wouldn’t work against newly-summoned bots in Training Camp
  • Optimized recommended Builds


Developers have made Gloo stronger upon attaching to an enemy with Ultimate, as well as other details. Because Gloo’s all-around abilities are inferior to other Tanks, Passive effects have been strengthened slightly.


Each Stack’s Damage Reduction: 6% → 8%

Skill 1

Slightly increased the speed at which Gloo appears, to make the Skill 1 + Skill 2 combo feel more intuitive.

Skill 2

Slightly increased dash speed


New Effect: Gloo can now Basic Attack after attaching to an enemy. Doing so causes an explosion at its current location that deals low damage in a small area, triggering Gloo’s Passive. This is considered skill damage.


As a core mage, Yve has excellent damage output but is very vulnerable to threats from enemies. To deal with this, her survivability when casting Ultimate and ability to shut enemies down is improved. Her damage has been nerfed to balance these buffs.

Skill 1

Damage per hit: 200-375 +90% Magic Power → 180-330 + 80% Magic Power

Skill 2

Each Hit’s Base Damage: 110-210 → 90-165


  • Tap Damage: 400-550 +120% Magic Power → 360-490 +110% Magic Power
  • Base Slide Damage: 130-210 → 105-165
  • The former slow effect when touching the edge has been replaced with 0.8s immobilization.
  • New Effect: Yve now gains a shield of 700-1100 +150% Magic Power when casting her Ultimate, and scales with her Passive stacks to a maximum of +200% Magic Power. The Shield lasts for 3 seconds after her Ultimate ends, then disappears.


He has been quite overpowered against other Marksmen, so his Skill 1 has been adjusted.

Skill 1

Attack Speed and Movement Speed Increase: 2.5%-5% → 2%-4%


The drop in cooldown time during the late game from the last update means he can deal high burst damage in a relatively quick time. As a result, his single-hit damage in the late game.

Skill 2

Base Damage: 200-400 → 200-350


The damage boost granted to her in the previous patch was a bit too much and has been balanced back in this version.

Skill 1

Base Damage: 300-500 → 280-480


Ling needs a buff, but not a large one that he will end up as a constant ban. Some changes to his Ultimate have been made.


Cooldown: 48s-44s → 52s-46s

Battlefield Adjustments

  • Adjusted heroes’ respawn time to be shorter in the first 20 minutes of a game, after which they grow in duration.
  • Adjusted the bonus rewards for ending an enemy’s streak
    • Reward requirement: killing an enemy who’s on a 4+ kill streak → on a 2+ streak
    • Increase in reward: 60 → 40
    • Reward cap: 300 → 400
  • Reduction in Gold rewards for the enemy when killed by them each time: 30 → 20
  • Rewards for assists: 70% → 60% of the rewards for killing
  • Gold rewards are given to the team upon killing the Lord: 300 → 120 +10*game duration (in minutes)
  • Reduced the damage minions deal to Bases by 50%
  • To prevent abnormal Lithowanderer behaviour in certain situations, you can no longer use control effects against them.
  • Fixed an issue where Lesley’s Passive would fail to take effect under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Wanwan’s Ultimate would fail to deal any damage
  • Optimized how Chou’s Passive builds
  • Fixed errors with Zhask’s title and story
  • Fixed errors with Claude and Clint’s titles

System Adjustments

  • Optimized the Hero List’s “sort by matches played” function so that if multiple heroes have been played in the same number of matches, those owned are listed first.
  • The content shown in Magic Chess History data has been changed to Synergy and Combat Power
  • BattleID’s shown in the Magic Chess result screen can now be copied to the clipboard
  • Optimized the results display for Magic Chess
  • Optimized the loading screens for Ravage.

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