Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04: Revamped heroes, adjustments and more

Revamped Kagura and Lancelot, and bug fixes!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is set to release a new set of revamped heroes come September, rumoured to be the next phase in Project NEXT. This patch update from the Advanced Server comes along and provides players with the opportunity to get a brief glimpse into the revamped abilities of Lancelot and Kagura, as well as adjustments to other heroes. A lot of these changes were teased in the Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update. In this article, we will be going through the details of the Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04.

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04

New and Revamped Heroes

Revamped Kagura

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04
Revamped Kagura in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

Although Kagura is quite a popular hero in the Original Server, developers are equipping her with larger hitboxes and making her gameplay easier in general. These changes adapt her old mechanics and freshen them up with a new look.

Skill 1: Seimei Umbrella Open

Kagura moves Seimei Umbrella to a designated area, dealing damage to enemies along the way and slowing them down. Seimei’s Umbrella flying speed and damage radius are both increased. 

Ultimate: Yin Yang Overturn

When without Seimei Umbrella, Kagura resets Seimei Umbrella Open’s cooldown. Enemies around Seimei Umbrella will be pulled toward it after 1.5s and take Magic Damage. 

Revamped Lancelot

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04
Revamped Lancelot in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

Similar to Kagura, the new Lancelot is much easier to play and friendlier for beginner players to start learning how to play this hero. 

Skill 1: Puncture

  • Lancelot charges in a designated direction, dealing damage and marking the first unmarked enemy hit.
  • Before: Marks the first enemy hit. 
  • Optimized Lancelot’s stopping point when the end of the path is near an obstacle. 

Revamped Odette

Mobile Legends Project NEXT September 2021 Update, Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04
Revamped Odette in Mobile Legends (Image by Montoon)

Odette is the 3rd hero who has been given a revamp in the upcoming phase and has more mobility. In this patch, developers focused on improving the performance of Odette by optimizing her Skill 2. 

Skill 2

  • Extra Magic Energy Balls: 5 → 4
  • Increased all Magic Energy Balls’ radii by 30%


  • The Ultimate no longer provides Damage Reduction, but grants a 1000-1600 (+150% Magic Power) shield. 

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04: Hero adjustments

Aamon (Bufffed)

He is given a buff due to his worsening performance after the last nerf. 

Skill 1

  • Aamon will directly enter the invisible state upon hitting an enemy.

Skill 2

  • Aamon will enter the invisible state after a short delay even if no enemy is hit.

Kimmy (Nerfed)

Some adjustments are made to her Attack Power and Magic Power scaling.

Basic Attack

  • Reduced Physical Attack and Magic Power bonuses by 2%.

Skill 1

  • Reduced Physical Attack and Magic Power bonuses by 2% on all levels. 


Aulus is given tankier attributes for players, consequently, players have a better experience with him on the battlefield. 

Basic Attack

  • Slightly reduced the attack range. 

Skill 1

  • New Effect: Gains 30% Damage Reduction against attacks from the front while charging. 
  • Cooldown: 12s-8s → 13s-9s

Skill 2

  • Cooldown: 7s-4s → 8s-4s

Mobile Legends Patch Update 1.6.04: Battlefield adjustments 


Favor’s performance has exceeded the expectations of developers against burst damage, although the overall strength is reasonable. 

  • Cooldown: 15s → 10s
  • Healing Effect: 480-1200 → 360-900


Attribute boosts were considered too overpowered.

  • Attribute boost: 13-33 → 12-30

Bug fixes

  • An issue was fixed where Rafaela’s healing targets were incorrect in some cases. 
  • An issue has been corrected where the cooldown of Granger’s Ultimate wasn’t refunded based on the remaining Super Bullets when he was killed during the Ultimate. 
  • Issue is fixed where Lesley’s outline was displayed while she’s in the Camouflage state.
  • Added damage text merge for damage that was dealt by Miya and Moonlight Shadow.

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