Mobile Legends Update 1.4.42: Goodbye Ling?!

With the 1.4.42 Patch Notes, Moonton just released the first Mobile Legends update of the year on their advanced server. We’ll quickly walk you through the comprehensive list of changes, but keep in mind that those adjustments all are tentative. So don’t rejoice too early, not all of them might make it to the live servers! However, you can definitely be looking forward to some great new skins.

Aside from changes to the new Hero couple, Cecilion and Carmilla, Ling finally gets more than just a slap on the wrist. Similarly, X-Borgs base stats seem to shrink with every patch.

It’s also quite surprising to see recurring nerfs to Lolita while Khufra and Hylos, for the most part, remain untouched. Undoubtedly needed though, they tune down Granger’s impact by nerfing his ultimate in several ways. Meanwhile, Moontoon can’t seem to decide whether they hate or like the Damage Reduction on Masha’s ultimate.

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Hero Adjustments:


Bat Impact: The basic damage of path/ destination strike decreased by 30/55 at all levels. The Magic Bonus increased by 12%/20%.

Sanguine Claws: Optimized the skill indicator.

Moonlit Waltz: The Basic Damage and the Basic Damage Absorbtion of Shield increased from 360-720 to 440-1000. Now the skill can be showed in/on Hero Display, Hero Picking Phase, Game Highlights and Live Stream.


Crimson Flower: Basic Damage decreased by 10. Magic Bonus decreased by 10%. HP regen decreased by 15 at all levels.

Moonlit Waltz: The Basic Damage and the Basic Damage Absorbtion of Shield increased from 360-720 to 440-1000. Now after casting this skill, Carmilla will also get the shield and can reset the CD of Bloodbath and Crimson Flower.

Refined the visual skill effect, sound effect, hero portrait.


Energy Impact: Basic Damage decreased from 450-600 to 425-600.


Deadly Thorns: The HP Bonus of Damage decreased from 1% to 0.8%. Fixed an issue where the passive could be triggered when the enemies have stopped attacking.

Nature’s Strike: CD increased by 1s at all levels. Mana cost increased from 80-130 to 90-150.

Wrath of Dryad: Increased the short-range casting speed. Improved the visual effect.


Finch Poise: Now Ling can be targeted when he is on a wall.

Mobile Legends 1.4.42 Update Ling Wall nerf
Harsh nerfs for Ling: He can now be targeted consistently while on walls.

Tempest of Blades: Attack BNonus decreased from 120% to 100%.


Thunderclap: Damage Reduction increased by 10% at all levels.


Crossbow of Tang: Basic Damage decreased from 70-100 to 60-90.

Slightly reduced the size of Wanwan’s display model and in-battlefield model.


Knightess’ Resolve: Basic Damage of Basic Attack increased from 0 to 45, but Physical Attack Bonus decreased from 100% to 75%.


Revamped the voiceover sound effects of Gord’s skin “No.1 Controller”.

Mystic Projectile: The CD adjusted from 7s-5.5s to 8s-5.5s.


Synchro Fission: The initial damage increased from 120 to 145 but damage growth decreased from 30 to 25. Adjusted the burst damage accordingly.


Basic HP decreased from 1078 to 1018.


Death Sonata: Basic Damage decreased from 150/200/250 to 120/160/200. The CD increased by 10s at all levels.


Lightning Bomb: Removed the short movement speed boost after moving.

Wrath Sanction: The Basic Damage of the enhanced basic attack increased by 50. The extra damage now is equal to 6% of the target’s max HP instead of 5%. Improved the skill animation.


Guardian’s Bulwark: The damage boost after blocking enemies’ attack decreased from 50% to 35%.

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Battlefield Adjustments: Items and Spells

Enchanted Talisman (Item)

Unique Passive “Mana Spring”: The Mana Restore every 10s increased from 10% to 12%.

Curse Sword & Star Shard (Item)

The damage boost after killing creeps increased from 0.5% to 0.6%.

Glowing Wand (Item)

Unique Passive “Scorch”: Now it deals Magic Damage equal to 1%/1.75%/2.5% of the target’s max HP per second instead of 1%/2%/3%.

Hunter Strike (Item)

Unique Passive “Retribution”: Fixed an issue that this passive cannot be inflicted on Turtle and Lord.

Flameshot (Spell)

The Basic Damage increased from 400-560 to 400-640. Magic Bonus increased from 100%-140% to 100%-160%. Slightly increased the knocking back range. Improved the skill visual effect.

Revitalize (Spell)

The Healing Effect decreased from 2.8% to 2.5%. (Only in 5v5 Modes)

New Skins


Starlight Skin “Dictator”: The Starlight Member January exclusive skin will be available on January 1st on the Official Server.


Hanabi’s skin “Rakshesha”: The epic skin will be available in “Lucky Box” event on January 3rd.

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So, that’s it for the Mobile Legends 1.4.42 Update. What do you think about the changes now that finally, Ling gets some serious nerfs? Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more gaming news!

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