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Mobile platforms hold the biggest growth potential for Fortnite, says Epic’s Marketing Director

Statement made during the Epic Games vs Apple antitrust trial!

Epic Games, the American video game publisher sees mobile devices as one of the biggest growth potential avenues for Fortnite. Marketing Director of Epic Games, Matthew Weissinger was quoted making such a statement during the ongoing Epic Games vs Apple antitrust trial. Being asked about the platform with the biggest growth potential for Fortnite, Weissinger responded in a single word, “Mobile“. Delving deep into the reasoning, he pointed out that they have completely penetrated consoles and mobile holds the biggest growth potential for Fortnite. “Everybody has a mobile device and they have it with them all the time. Not everybody has a console and not everybody has a gaming PC,” Epic’s Marketing Director was further quoted saying so.

Fortnite’s removal from App Store has affected the growth of Epic Games

During the trial, he also disclosed that Fortnite had 30 million daily active users. Out of the 30 million daily active users, approximately 10% came from iOS. He further added, “A total of 2.86 billion hours were played between Fortnite’s iOS launch in 2018 to August 2020 when it was removed from the store.” He also made it clear that the removal from the App Store has adversely affected Epic’s growth.

So already, there’s a portion of our population who played on iOS that suddenly disappeared because that was the only device they had. In addition to that, there are just times of the day where normally you have your iPhone available as a device like you wouldn’t [have] an Xbox or a gaming PC. Imagine you’re commuting to work, or you’re outside, or you’re at your friend’s house, you no longer have a device that’s on you at all times so there’s less opportunity to play Fortnite.

MATTHEW WEISSINGER, marketing director, Epic games

The ongoing trial between Apple and Epic Games continues

The ongoing trial between Apple and Epic is turning out to be one of the most interesting legal battles in the history of video games. The trial had started on May 3, 2020, which is right after Google and Apple had removed Fortnite from their respective play stores. Epic Games had tried to bypass the 30% commission with an alternative payment system. In return, Epic Games had sued both the companies by alleging that the App Store has turned into an illegal monopoly. Apple has made a point that it has invested $100 billion in mobile software and the 30% fee is paid by a minority of its 1.8 million apps available in its store to help them cover the investment.

These data do suggest that mobile devices hold the biggest growth potential for Fortnite. This is basically one of the most important reasons for Epic Games who are trying hard to restore the game on both the stores. It is turning out to be very exciting with each hearing, we will bring out all the information as and when it gets released.

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