MONOPOLY GO! Golden Blitz Timed Event: All you need to know

It is showering Gold!

MONOPOLY GO! is one of the most popular games out there currently, which brings out fantastic events for players to get more Dice Rolls to fill their bags with freebies such as Money that help us progress faster on the Map as we dream of being Real Estate Kings. One of the specialties of these events or tournaments is that we will be getting to play a lot of mini-games or boost events commonly called Timed Events which helps in getting a bigger share of rewards than normal. One of the popular timed events is Golden Blitz, which I will explain in the article about the details alongside its features in MONOPOLY GO!

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MONOPOLY GO! Golden Blitz Timed Event details

Golden Blitz is a special Monopoly GO event allowing players to trade golden stickers with friends. This event is designed to make the completion of your sticker collection more productive by putting you in a position to deal directly with the stickers you want, instead of those you already have.

Monopoly Go Golden Blitz tab
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The Golden Blitz event allows you to trade directly with your friends to offer strategic collaboration. You and your friends, in strategic cooperation, can finish your collections in the sticker competition. This direct trading function is particularly important to ensure you get the stickers you need. However, you need to note that here there are some limitations.

Every day, let me remind you that you can make up to five trades per day, but trades are limited between two specific stickers, and it actually keeps the trading fair and interesting for all players. If you complete all sticker sets during the Golden Blitz event, you will receive special rewards. These rewards can include unique prizes and bonuses, thus adding an extra layer to want to participate in the event.

When is the next Golden Blitz event in MONOPOLY GO

The Golden Blitz event period will vary, so it is important to keep an eye on official Monopoly GO announcements. For now, the next Golden Blitz will be kicking off on June 7th, 2024, for 24 hours. Alongside, there is no particular schedule known to us, once this event comes regularly, we will come to know.

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