Nations of Shadow: PROXIMA BETA’s vampire-themed 4x strategy game is in early access in selected regions

Strategy title perfect for fans of Clash of Clans!

PROXIMA BETA Private Limited, a division of Tencent Games known for the famous battle royale game PUBG, has launched its latest strategy title Nations of Shadow, now available on early access in Canada, Australia, and the Philippines at the moment.

About Nations of Shadow

According to the official description, it is a massively multiplayer online game with a contemporary setting featuring supernatural entities like mages, vampires, and werewolves. Six factions compete for supremacy in this open-ended sandbox strategy game. The player will need to choose a faction, which is basically a kingdom, and become its leader. The player would then need to restore their faction’s glory as a kingdom by following various strategies, careful resource management, and construction planning.

Nations of Shadow

Players will get to choose from 4 fantasy factions and 60 plus heroes with a wide and unique range of abilities. They need to form teams and strategize based on the different abilities of their heroes. The players need to increase the strength of their heroes as they are the pillars of strength in the faction.

Players would also need to form alliances with other factions, but be careful as everyone can’t be trusted in this world of deception. Using skills, coordination, and strategies is how the players can expand their allies and finally conquer the realm.

4x Stategy with a theme of vampires

As this is a strategy-based game, a lot depends on the choices one makes. Gaming skills like aiming and shooting would not be relevant in this game. Fantasy lovers will very much enjoy this game as it is set in a completely different world and is full of twists and turns. This game has action but there is much to do after you select your heroes correctly.

Nations of Shadow early access
Nations of Shadow gameplay (Image via PROXIMA BETA)

It has a very similar playing style to the famous strategy game Clash of Clans. Here, the player needs to attack other factions and expand. They also need to add buildings and upgrade them to reach higher levels and defenses in their own faction to protect it.

Final thoughts

The game is very new and is only available on early access in a few countries. It’s looking very promising and is a treat for fantasy/strategy genre lovers, but if one likes more control over the characters and wants to have more involvement during the fights, it may be a bit disappointing as after choosing the heroes, there is not much to do during the fight. The graphics of the game look decent too. The game is in its infancy, however, and we are sure to get more updates in the future, and is worth a shot.

Nations of Shadow is available on early access on Google Play Store, and it is arriving soon on iOS. Players can follow the official website, Facebook account, and Discord channel of the game for updates.

Are you excited to play Nations of Shadow, which is currently in early accessLet us know in the comments below!

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