Mobile Legends Suyou: Hero overview, skill analysis, and release date

New Assassin hero in the mix!

The upcoming new hero, Suyou has finally been released on the MLBB Advanced Server with the latest Patch 1.8.90 Update. The release would imply he will be the 126th Hero in Mobile Legends. This newly-released Assassin/Fighter role hero upcoming hero is quite powerful as all his skills have different states with each possessing different effects. He is a physical damage hero with high burst damage and sustain capabilities. Without further ado, let us check out all one should expect from the upcoming new hero Suyou in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends Suyou: Hero Overview

The new upcoming hero, Suyou is a new Assassin/Fighter role hero with a unique skillset each granting room for different combos on the battlefield. His versatility stems from his unique passive which provides unique perks depending on how Suyou uses his skills.

Mobile Legends Suyou
Image via MOONTON Games

Truly mastering each skill state would surely make one excel outstandingly on the battlefield. We will break down Suyou’s skillset info as observed from the Advanced server.


Passive: Transient Immortal

  • Tap-casting any skill will put Suyou in his mortal form, granting him 40 Movement Speed.
  • Hold-casting any skill will make Suyou immortal, granting him a 20% Damage Reduction. In this form, for every 20 extra Physical Attack Suyou has, he gains 1% Damage Reduction (up to 40%)
  • Suyou cannot benefit from CD Reduction. Every 1% CD Reduction will be converted into 3 Physical attacks instead.

Skill 1: Blade Surge

  • CD: 6s
  • Mobility (CC Skill)
  • Tap: Suyou throws his weapons in the target direction, dealing 150/160/170/180/190 (+60% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies. Suyou blinks to the weapon’s location, catches it, and performs a slash in the opposite direction, dealing 300/320/34/360/380 (+120& Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage
  • Hold: Suyou channels the Immortal’s power and charges in the target direction, dealing 150/160/170/180/190 (+60% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies along the path. When hitting an enemy hero, he stops and deals 300/320/34/360/380 (+120& Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in a rectangular area in front and stuns them for 0.5s. The charge distance increases with the hold time.

Skill 2: Soul Sever

  • CD: 6s
  • Burst Skill (AOE)
  • Tap: Suyou performs a sweeping attack with his weapon, dealing 290/330/370/410/450 (+200% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area while gliding backward, during which he can cast his other skills.
  • Hold: Suyou channels the power of the Immortal to perform 3 cleaves in a fan-shaped area. The first two strikes deal 180/200/220/240/260 (+150% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage each, while the final strike deals 360/400/440/480/520 (+300% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage and recovers 150 (+50% Extra Physical Attack) HP.

Skill 3 – Evil Queller

  • Tap: Suyou raises his weapon and unleashes an incantation in the target direction, dealing 280 /310/340/370/400 (+80% Extra Physical Attack) Physical damage to enemies in a rectangular area and reducing their Movement Speed by 80% (decays over 1.5s).
  • Hold: Suyou uses the Immortal’s power to shoot a deadly arrow in the target’s direction, dealing 280/310/340/370/400 (+80% Extra Physical Attack) Physical Damage to the target hit. The range and damage increase with the hold time (up to 250% damage).

Mobile Legends Suyou: Skill Analysis and Hero Overview

Judging from his skills, Suyou is a sturdy assassin role hero who is capable of utilizing his diverse abilities to deal damage to enemies regardless of the situation. Coupled with his super-low skill Cooldown, Suyou can effectively burst down enemies on the battlefield. With this known, let’s analyze the new hero Suyou’s skills.

Judging from Suyou’s Passive ability info, one can conclude that the Immortal form from Hold-casting a skill is indeed the most powerful. Since, the Immortal form grants him extra Damage reduction thus, increasing his durability especially, during 1v1 scenarios and teamfight ganks. Whilst the extra Movement speed from Tap-casting a skill can be useful whilst finishing off enemy backlines.

Mobile Legends Suyou gameplay

Analyzing his main skills, one would realize that Tap-casting Suyou’s first skill allows him to perform a slash whilst damaging the enemy in the opposite direction. This skill can also be quite useful as Suyou is invisible whilst performing the slash, so it can be utilized to avoid some ounce of CC or damage. The Hold-casting of Suyou’s First skill which allows him to dash and stun enemies can be quite useful when ambushing enemies as the stun would provide ample time to decimate them.

It should be that in terms of damage and sustenance, Hold-casting Suyou’s second skill is the best. Since the skill deals enormous Burst Physical damage and works well with damage items War Axe. In terms of utility and range, it is much better to Hold-cast Suyou’s third skill as it allows Suyou to kite enemies from afar.

Even though, Hold-Casting skills seem to be the best kind of skills to use with Suyou. Players can also benefit and use the Tap skills as they provide instant damage whilst also allowing Suyou to cast other skills almost immediately after.

How could Suyo hold up against the current meta

Mobile Legends Suyou gameplay

On analyzing Suyou’s skills, one can conclude that Tap-Casting his skills are better suited for sneaky Assassin-type kills, whilst Hold-casting his skills are better suited as a Fighter or during teamfights. Taking this into consideration, Suyou should fare more as a Fighter, than being an assassin. However, his skill versatility makes it even more hard for enemies to predict his next move. In short, he’s more similar to old Julian and is unpredictable in his moves.

When will Suyou release in the Mobile Legends Original server

Suyou’s hero concept is live and currently being tested in the advanced server. It will take a long time before Suyou finally makes his global debut in the Land Of Dawn. Hence, players should expect his debut release in September/October 2024.

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What are your thoughts on the overview of Suyou in Mobile Legends? Do you think he will be a formidable force in MLBB? Tell us in the comments below!

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