NetEase’s Eggy Party releases in the Philippines with a new Sports-Themed Doggy Dash season

The Eggies are getting sporty in the new Doggy Dash season!

NetEase Games is introducing springtime fun to Eggy Party with the start of the new sports-themed Doggy Dash season as the game’s has been launched in the Philippines. Today, April 21, Eggy Party had a soft launch in the Philippines. Although the game will initially only be available on Android smartphones, additional areas and platforms will soon be added.

Eggy Party was first announced in January 2021 for China. Later it was announced for the global audience with a closed beta test that happened earlier in January 2023.

Compete against other players and emerge as the victor in Eggy Party

In the fun party game Eggy Party, players compete against one another in fast-paced minigames. The slowest players are removed in each round, leaving the final player or team as the winner. You may customize and dress up your own charming Eggy figure in various outfits at Eggy Party. While navigating the stages and dodging dangerous obstacles, they can look their finest.

Additionally, there is a ton of brand-new ways to play Eggy Party online. This provides players the ability for fans to create their levels in the Eggy Workshop and share them with the community.

The Doggy Dash season in Eggy Party introduces new sports-themed activities, stages, and rewards

The Doggy Dash season will add brand-new levels, activities, and awards to the game with a sports theme. The new stages include Hooray for Eggies, Basketball, Archery Practise, Obstacle Course, and Track Meet, among others. All of the Eggies receive a bow during Archery practice. They must use it to shoot arrows at their rivals and knock them off the stage without getting hit themselves.

Basketball entails shooting hoops with a ball dunked through them to score points while keeping the other team from doing the same. Your rhythm and timing abilities will be put to the test in Hooray for the Eggies, as players control Eggies who must imitate cheerleader dances while launching elaborate techniques at slower players.

The Eggies must race to the course’s end while dodging a variety of sports-themed obstacles, such as enormous boxing gloves that swing around the level, in the game Obstacle Course, which is exactly what it sounds like. One problem with Track Meet is that there aren’t enough prizes for every player. Instead, players must seize a trophy and cling to it for as long as they can. As a result, it quickly devolves into a battle for survival in which their rivals go after the trophy-carrying Eggies and attempts to take their loot for themselves.

Take part in Doggy Dash season and gather collectibles to earn Sports Coins and redeem rewards

You can enjoy unique seasonal activity activities once you take part in the Doggy Dash season, such as collecting items to earn Sports Coins and using them to buy rewards. For those who are genuinely competitive, there are also Season Ranking Rewards, such as the Pitcher Avatar Frame, Baseball Bat, and Dog Paw Sports Outfits.

Eggy Party Philippines launched
Image via NetEase

You can buy Season Mystery Boxes with a chance to draw clothes like the Sparky, Ari (Judo Uniform), and the Ace if you want to access some fantastic Eggy gear during the Doggy Dash season. Throughout the season, the Party Pass will also be operational, providing players with Party Pass Tasks and their associated rewards. Additional unlockables include the Ladybird, Gogo, and Stinger outfits as well as a lot more Egg Coins and Rainbow Coins in the Advanced Party Pass.

Doggy Dash, the game’s first significant seasonal event since the soft launch, ushers in a lot of new content and loot as well as the start of great things for Eggy Party. Eggy Party has a ton of awesome rewards for dedicated players to earn, but the game is casual enough for anyone to pick it up and have some fun while playing in matches that frequently switch between nerve-wracking skill moments and hilarious moments when things go wrong, either for you or your opponent. The Eggies are waiting to run.

Are you excited as Eggy Party has been launched in the Philippines? Let us know in the comment section below!

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