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NeverAfter introduces a new cross-server force battle version in its latest update

The update brings new gameplay, and tons of bonus events!

With tactical turf war gameplay never seen in an MMO mobile game before, NetEase Games‘ Twisted Fairy Tale Mobile RPG NeverAfter has released its cross-server force battle version, giving a thrilling new experience, and there are loads of extra events waiting for players.

Form alliances and battle it out on the deserted island in NeverAfter

Players could create clans and engage in combat on the isolated island beginning on November 7, 2022 Enjoy the excitement of tactical turf battles. A new map is released every seven days, and a whole season lasts 21 days.

NeverAfter pixel contest
Image via NetEase

Daily commission quests can be completed from 10:00 to 24:00 every day, Boss scramble altar seizing begins on Tuesdays from 19:50 to 20:10, and stronghold and Fortress capturing begins on Wednesdays from 13:00 to 22:30. The Capital seizing begins the crucial struggle for the forces on the Saturday of the final week of a season from 19:50 to 24:00. Exclusive titles will be awarded to the winning alliance.

Complete the promotion and enhance class skills in the latest update

Adventurers get stronger over time via consistent practice, which lays the groundwork for overcoming a variety of obstacles fearlessly. Those in need of strength can visit Merlin starting on November 4th to finish the promotion and improve their class skills.

NeverAfter promotion
Image via NetEase

When a player reaches level 80, they can finish the third promotion quest “Promotion Rank-up” to get access to new active and passive skills. The Limit Break and Rune systems become available to players at Lv. 85. After Limit Break, skills can be improved and even outfitted with runes for even more improvement.

NeverAfter force battle version update brings the new Transmogrification system

Starting on November 4, gamers will have access to a tonne of adorable clothing thanks to the newly added Transmogrification mechanism. Come dressed up with buddies to make the most stylish Adventurer in the Oz Capital and to make a stunning entry.

NeverAfter Transmogrification system
Image via NetEase

The Outfit system now supports transmogrification for items including headgear, clothing, weapons, and more. The right goods could be consumed by players to enable transmogrification and raise their fashion points.

NeverAfter brings New Server Assembly and exciting bonuses in the latest version

To aid Adventurers in finding people who share their interests, Oz Continent has planned an assembly ceremony beginning on October 24, 2022. After finishing the teamwork task, players will be awarded the uncommon Wing Appearance Dreamweaver. As of November 4, the official has put up a unique webpage event to mark the release of the new edition, where you can easily take in the excitement of Alliance battles and enter to win an iPhone 14.

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