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New State Mobile teases an upcoming desert-themed map

In an announcement made by the official New State Mobile Twitter handle earlier today, the developers at Krafton have teased a brand-new upcoming map that will be available in the game, sometime in the future. No comments or remarks have been added to the said post, which is just a bare picture of a map with the phrase “Keep Your Eyes Open” across it, which leaves a lot up for speculation. 

New State Mobile with its new desert-themed map

As mentioned earlier, no official remarks have been made on the upcoming map as of yet. Most of its info is based on speculations and past trends in the game. It is evident that the map will be a unique map that has not been added to any other game in the PUBG franchise, be it on mobile, or be it on PC. With such a decision, New State will further cement its identity as a game that is independent of others in the franchise, with its own unique design and creative freedom, which is a good sign.

Adding further to it, the map will probably be a 4×4 or a 2×2 map, which will put it among the smallest maps, which are known for their fast-paced combat and short matches. As per the tweet, the map will be desert-themed and will feature a sparse terrain and very few settlements. This will set the field for intense and quick gunfights with very little scope to run away and will prompt head-on fights.

Final Thoughts

Although the tweet has been received well by a portion of the players, a large chunk of them does not deem it necessary. Instead, there is a widespread demand to have the Miramar map in the game, or rather the Miramar 2051, which is the same map, but set in the future. Whether the players take to the new map depends on how well it will be made, and for that, we have to wait, till it is finally revealed in the game.

What are your thoughts on the new desert-themed map in New State Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

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