New York Times develops WordleBot to help players improve their Wordle skills

WordleBot analyzes players game mathematically!

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic shocked the world, millions of people across the world have turned to online gaming in order to kill time during lockdowns. Amidst a wide range of games available online, Wordle was openly welcomed by all sorts of users because of its easy-to-learn yet very challenging game style. Now, the New York Times has developed WordleBot which will help users get better at guessing the right word every day by analyzing their performance.

Even when Wordle was practically hard to master, users across the world took to perfecting the art of guessing the daily word with as few clues as possible. Wordle now has many different versions of it available on the internet for users to push their limits. 

Master the game with performance analysis from WordleBot

There is no denying that Wordle has now become a daily part of people’s lives, and now that the game has several versions and the users are getting highly competitive, there are still some who need help with getting started. This is where WordleBot comes to the rescue. WordleBot will help users master the game with mathematical performance analysis. 

Image via New York Times

WordleBot should be used by players in the same browser, users will have to upload their results which will be analyzed by the bot. The bot will then go line by line and choose words for the correct answer in the fewest attempts possible, the bot will then present users with various stats to help them get better at the game. 

Great way to improve daily word guessing skills in Wordle

WordleBot will also rank players’ games on a scale of 1 to 99 in categories of luck, and skill, and will explain how each guess was helpful and why. The bot also makes its own guesses and compares the attempts to that of players through various metrics. This includes the average number of solutions left after each guess, the actual number of possible solutions, whether that guess is a potential solution, and the expected number of guesses to find the correct answer. 

New York Times WordleBot
Image via New York Times

With the introduction of wordleBot, the New York Times intends to help the players think more analytically and improve their daily word guessing skills. According to The New York Times, WordleBot had the most success starting with the word crane on Normal mode and dealt on Hard. However, The New York Times notes that the WordleBot has a perfect memory of all 2,309 possible answers. Thus, the computer may be able to see paths that human players can’t.

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