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Ode to Alchemist is an Idle RPG now available as beta on Android in selected regions

Mythical Alchemy world opened, fulling of dangers and unknown creatures

Ode to Alchemist, an adventure role-playing idle game by Loongcheer Game, was just released for beta test. On October 27th, the open beta test for Ode to Alchemist has already begun. The game, which transports players to the fabled Alchemy world, is available on the Google Play Store to interested gamers in Europe, America, and most of Southeast Asia.

More than 60 heroes in total from six factions through gacha collection will be available

You will be connected to users all over the world after you join Ode to Alchemist as a gamer. You can compete against gamers from around the world in the arena and track your points ranking on the same server. A very potent attribute bonus is yours after you earn the associated title.

If you join a Guild, that will be more fun for you. to work together with your guildmates to win Guild Hunt. The most unexpected fact is that you can exchange gift cards for friendship! Through gacha acquisition, there are more than 60 heroes overall from six factions. You are shown delicate cartoon artwork, some of which even has skin that offers an attribute boost. Heroes’ names and portrait designs are inspired by Norse mythology, Greek mythology, Zodiac Signs, and Eastern mythology.

Ode to Alchemist beta
Image via Loongcheer Game

Void Monster: DIY your heroes in Ode to Alchemist

Would you like to invent a new hero on your own? You will understand what you seek if you complete the Alchemy Rode and unlock the Void Monster. Your hero will gradually gain access to 4 talents through the Void Monster. Players influence the Void Monster’s abilities. Create a unique Void hero by combining the skills of various heroes. Skills could also be changed at any time.

Ode to Alchemist beta
Image via Loongcheer Game

Players will get to experience a super-rich PVE gameplay

The Castle system includes 7 games. In Tree of Life, you can hasten the cultivation of heroes. The heroes you chose will be at the same level as the lowest of your five highest-level characters. Spirit Pet allows you to conjure your very own adorable pet, which aids heroes in earning bonuses in battle. There is a quick game inside Castle. Herb planting can be planned and collected, and then distributed to heroes to raise Favorability. Additionally, the Castle system contained the Void Monster, Catalyst, Scarecrow, and Chain of Purify.

More than 8 PVE gameplay systems in total. Climb the Holy Spirit tower to get plentiful rewards. Explore the Wicked Forest to get the Big Treasure Chest. Accept Dehamer Trial to prove the power, etc. You have many opportunities to make strategic decisions and equip heroes to aid them in these modes.

Are you excited as Ode to Alchemist is now available as a beta for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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