Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim is now available as early access on Android

Loongcheer game just released a fairy tale-like casual simulation game with the new simulation game Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim available on the Google Play beta track as an early access game on Android devices. The game is a cute and relaxing simulation game with many themes. 

Farm, garden, and plant different trees in the game

Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim is a casual simulation game of a fairytale garden life. Planting vegetables and fruits is the first gameplay you will meet when you start playing the gaming. Your gardening life starts with planting vegetables and fruit trees, then you can harvest the products and all the products will be converted to acorns, which is the in-game currency.

As the game goes on, you will start to raise cute animals. The animals will walk and run in your manor, and also, produce acorns as time goes by. The happier the animals are, the more acorns you can acquire.

Ollie's Manor: Pet Farm Sim early access
Image via Loongcheer game

To make the animals happy, you can build an amusement park by adding and upgrading amusement facilities. The construction of the amusement park can be seen directly, so build a great amusement park. 

Build an aquarium and feed fish in Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim

Besides the land, Ollie’s Manor also covers the seas. You can gradually unlock items in the sea and build a beautiful aquarium. More than 50 types of fish are waiting to be unlocked by you. You can also invite your animal friend to the sea with a submarine. Tap the submarine to feed the fish and earn bubbles, which will be used to learn sea talents to increase your elves’ attack.

Ollie's Manor: Pet Farm Sim early access
Image via Loongcheer game

Moreover, Ollie and his friends love adventures. In the exploration mode, you can send the elves on adventures and then come back with rich resources. The stronger the elves become, the more resources can be acquired. Some shards of fish can only be acquired in this way. Unlock new gears with acorns and train your elves with time to make them stronger!

Maintain the peace of the manor and decorate your treehouse

A peaceful life is so good, but sometimes there are invaders. Be aware of the wolves which will chase and bite your animal friends and the marmots which will ruin your vegetables. If you find them, tap the screen to repel them. You have some chance to challenge the evil shadow beast daily to acquire acorns. Fight the shadow beast with your animal friends.

After a day’s hard-works, now let’s go back to the treehouse and relax. Unlock furniture to decorate your treehouse in various themes. Collect and place items of collection to increase your elves’ stats. After all these things, you can now sleep in the comfortable tree house and have a good dream.

Are you excited as Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim enters Early Access for Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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