Papukaya is a new game development studio backed by Supercell

What might be in store for non gamers?

At times, people play around with casual games on their mobile devices. Technically, that makes them mobile gamers. However, they often don’t consider themselves to be actual “gamers” and don’t have a lot of knowledge about games either so they end up not having the best experience. To provide such an experience, here’s Papukaya, backed by Supercell, aimed to create mobile games targeted at people who don’t consider themselves to be gamers.

Papukaya – Mobile games for non-gamers

Papukaya aims to create games targeting people who’re not into gaming yet. They are here to solve that issue though as they believe that games are for everyone and that great game ideas are not being put into development. They’re a new game development studio based in Helsinki, Finland and they’re being backed by Supercell, the mobile gaming giant with titles like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hay Day under their belt.

Papukaya, which was started by an ex-Supercell and Rovio employee- Drussila Hollanda who worked on projects like Hay Day. She’s a veteran in the industry and when she left Supercell, she wanted to work on more casual titles and get non-gamers into gaming. Supercell supported her start-up and granted $3.1 Million to Papukaya last year.

Johannes, Drussila Hollanda and Saara Mäkinen - Papukaya
From Left: Johannes, Drussila Hollanda and Saara Mäkinen – (Source: Papukaya)

At present, Papukaya has a team of three people, Hollanda, Johannes Ahvenniemi and Saara Mäkinen. They’re also hiring and multiple positions are open. Supercell’s backing allows them to explore multiple avenues and take risks to come up with the best ideas for games and then develop those games for people to enjoy.

Considering the fact that Supercell is supporting them, they probably have some good ideas that they can work on once they have a complete development team. They will actually be drawing inspiration from books, movies, social media, and hobbies to build games that appeal to bigger audiences who might not be involved in gaming.

What are your thoughts on Papukaya? Can they take risks to get the best out of their games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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