Pikmin Bloom July 2022 version update releases new social and collaborative gameplay features

Walk on. Game on.

The most recent version July 2022 update of Pikmin Bloom adds new features to make users’ daily walks even more enjoyable, assist them in reaching their wellness objectives, and help them stay in touch with friends and loved ones. The game is developing and enhancing the enjoyment and value of walking.

Pikmin Bloom introduces new flower planting weekly challenges

Pikmin Bloom introduced Weekly Challenges in late April, allowing users to take on a walking challenge to log a combined 20k or 100k steps. Even when they are on separate continents or in different nations, this enables people to stay in touch and know-how far their friends are traveling.

With the latest version release, they are introducing a brand-new type of Weekly Challenge where the objective is based on the number of flowers planted rather than steps. Users can now select from these two weekly challenge options, or they can take part in both at once.

Additionally, all users who sign up for a challenge and finish it before July 24 will get exclusive outfits for their Mii avatars as rewards: an Explore T-shirt when they sign up for and finish a step-based challenge before July 17, or a Flower Print T-shirt when they sign up for and finish a challenge that involves planting flowers.

Invite your loved ones to join in on the Weekly Challenges

Pikmin Bloom introduced the invite feature in Weekly Challenges. Users won’t have to wait for other players to accept their challenge any longer thanks to this update. Instead, challenges now have an invite option that enables users to ask select acquaintances to participate, making it simpler to gather in particular social circles.

Keep in mind Pikmin Bloom also has an Invite friends to feature that users can use to let others know about Pikmin Bloom and invite them to join in.  Users can send an invite code created by this function by email, text message, or social media. Both the user and the person they invite to Pikmin Bloom gain incentives when they sign up, which is a fantastic way to get started.

Niantic plans to bring Physical events to select locations soon

Pikmin Bloom is centered on community, and they have emphasized how crucial connection is to them. Connection with the outside world, the immediate surroundings, and other users is just as important as connecting with friends and family. They are eager to get to know as many of their users as possible so that we can directly learn about their Pikmin Bloom experiences and take a stroll together. They are organizing physical activities that will take place in the US soon in order to accomplish this.

Are you excited about the new features added to the latest July 2022 version update of Pikmin Bloom? Let us know in the comments below!

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