Play Together brings a 2022 Halloween-themed content update

Update includes 10 new pet types and 13 new giant fish species!

Play Together, a mobile casual social network game created and maintained by HAEGIN has revealed a brand-new update with 2022 Halloween-themed features. A new spooky Halloween-themed background has been added to Kaia Island, the primary stage of Play Together, and several new interior items have been added, such as a Creepy Pumpkin Path, a Spiderweb Trampoline, and a Ghost Wire Fence that may be used to design your House for Halloween.

Play Together to introduce themed NPCs with the 2022 Halloween update

NPCs Grim Reaper and Chuppy, who came to find the sneaky little ghosts that had fled, are looking for assistance from players in the island Plaza. Users will receive Ghost Coins for assisting the NPCs in catching the small ghosts, which can be used to purchase Halloween-themed things including a coffin cart, a grim reaper mask, and a grim reaper’s scythe.

Players can earn Ghost Coins in addition to quests by catching the tiny ghosts that appear throughout Play Together after sunset. Along with the Halloween material, this update also includes new stuff, such as 10 new Balloon Doggos and 13 new kinds of big fish.

Even though Balloon Doggos fall under the same umbrella as the current pet system, gamers will appreciate them more because of their adorable looks and unusual floating movements. Balloon Eggs may be found close to the NPC Floaty in the square, where they can be used to create Balloon Doggos.

Play Together Halloween themed update
Image via HAEGIN

Giant fish have also been introduced, such as the Giant Great White Shark, Giant Pacific Octopus, and Tiger Shark. Additionally, some fish species are only found in specific regions, which encourages anglers to collect them.

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