Play Together introduces a new Couple System in the latest fall season update

The fall season update begins as love is in the air in “Play Together”

The mobile game company HAEGIN recently unveiled the integration of the “Couple System” into their mobile casual social network game, Play Together.

Kaia Island’s new Couple System unveiled in Play Together

As the maple leaves undergo their seasonal transformation, a novel system known as the Couple System has made its debut on Kaia Island, catering to players eager to initiate romantic relationships and kindle love with fellow players.

In order to embark on this romantic journey, individuals interested in becoming part of a couple must initially acquire a special item called the Couple’s Ring from the recently inaugurated LOVE RING store situated within the Fashion Mall.

Subsequently, these players are required to express their affection to a friend, and upon receiving a positive response, the two individuals are officially recognized as a couple within the virtual realm of Play Together. Once this status is attained, the partner’s name becomes prominently visible above their respective character name, and they gain the ability to activate exclusive effects when they come into close proximity with their partner while both sporting the Couple’s Ring.

Take on Couple’s Missions to unlock exclusive emotes in Play Together

Couples are granted access to their Couple’s Profile, wherein they have the option to modify their Couple Name and Description or review their duration of togetherness. Moreover, couples have the opportunity to engage in Couple’s Missions, which can enhance their Couple’s Closeness rating, ultimately allowing players the chance to unlock exclusive Piggyback and Lap Pillow emotes designed exclusively for couples.

Nonetheless, couples cannot terminate their relationship immediately; they must remain together for a minimum of seven days. Following this duration, the two individuals can part ways by selecting the Break Up option. However, it’s important to note that the Couple’s Ring, EXP, and Closeness levels will all be erased as a consequence, so players should exercise caution and carefully consider their decision beforehand.

Play Together brings exciting events and a new collaboration with the latest update

Players have the opportunity to embark on a quest to discover the hidden couple within Kaia Island, along with participating in the Attendance of Love event. During this event, players can earn various rewards, including in-game currency, the Hearts Aplenty Balloon, Pink Heart Glasses, and more.

Furthermore, this update signifies the commencement of a new partnership between Play Together and the renowned Japanese beverage company ITO EN. This collaboration debuts with the introduction of fresh in-game content.

Additionally, a booth will be present at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show (TGS) from September 21st to September 24th, showcasing HAEGIN’s diverse range of games and offering visitors the chance to obtain a special gift in collaboration with ITO EN.

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