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PlayStation is developing two AAA mobile titles according to the latest rumors

Great news for the gaming industry!

PlayStation has been frequenting news headlines in the mobile gaming industry every now and then for quite a while now. This time, the Sony-owned brand has made it to the news again due to the revelation that it is working on two brand new AAA classified titles for the mobile platform.

It is worth noting that, none of the information is official as of now. However, the original leaker, Shaun Weber, is already a familiar name in the mobile games industry for breaking stories that became true in the past. So even if this is probably going to be true, take it with a pinch of salt.

PlayStation’s new AAA mobile titles might not be free

As per the recent rumors regarding the development and upcoming release of AAA-rated games from PlayStation, two games are in development as we speak. The games are being developed with the help of the Unreal Engine, which is, to say the least, an extremely reputed game engine when it comes to creating vast worlds with an interactive environment. It has also been said that one of the two games will be completely free to play. 

While there are not really any confirmations regarding whether the other game will be paid or free, there are indications that the game will be a paid one. One of these two projects will be based on an existing IP of PlayStation, Spider-Man for example while the other one will be a completely new title with its own unique universe. 

Both AAA mobile titles by PlayStation are still in the early stages of development

It has been confirmed that one of the two games will be an actionadventure game, possibly the open world, which is the type of game that Unreal Engine shines at. The second game on the other hand will be a 3D RPG, which means that it can be a turn-based game of sorts or a card game, or a game with a story mode.

The RPG game is also described as having a very specific art style which can be a breath of fresh air for the gamers. Apart from these, not much is known about the said games as they are reportedly still in an early stage of development.

Playstation AAA mobile titles
Image via PlayStation

The games will follow a predefined release schedule announced earlier by Sony and PlayStation that will see the games get launched sometime in or by the year 2025. Given that the games are still in their infancy when it comes to development, it might be late 2025 when they are released or maybe earlier, provided that the games are put on a priority list. 

Final Thoughts

The release of two new games from a brand as respected and popular as PlayStation is a great piece of news for the mobile gaming industry especially when the concerned games are rated as being AAA. Therefore it is hoped that the games are as good as the hype around them is going to be, for everyone loves a good game that leaves them talking about it even after they are done playing it. 

Are you excited about the new AAA mobile titles by PlayStation? Let us know in the comments below!

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