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PMCO Spring Split 2020 Registrations are now open

Vivo sponsored PMCO (PUBG Mobile Club Open) Fall Split 2019 took the mobile competitive scene to the next level. Both participation in the competition and fan support were amazing. PMCO has proved to be one of the most dominant competitive tournaments in the history of the mobile gaming industry. After a huge success in 2019, PMCO 2020 Spring Split is all set to smash all the records. After the long wait, finally, the PMCO Spring Split 2020 registrations are now open. You can find all the details about the tournament and the registration here.

About PMCO Spring Split 2020

The official website of the PUBG Mobile club open states,

PUBG MOBILE Club Open 2020 showcases the best PUBG MOBILE Players and Squads among the 15 regions across the world. PMCO 2020 is regarded as the gate to join the world’s largest mobile esports event, the PUBG MOBILE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, for anyone who wants to play PUBG MOBILE competitively and start their esports career.  If you think you are one of the best and want to show your skills, you are welcomed to bring your squad and register to take part in this all year long battle! A great journey awaits you, join us, be the #1!

This clearly tells us what the tournament is about. The tournament will take place in 15 regions across the world to select the best among the best for the world championship of PUBG Mobile.

Other details about PMCO Spring Split 2020

The whole PMCO 2020 tournament is going to allow players to play only on the TPP mode. Four maps will be there. 16 teams will participate for a prize pool of $1,000,000.

Schedule for PMCO 2020

  • Stage-1 – Registration: 3rd January to 21st January
  • Stage-2 – Qualification: 23rd January to 2nd February
  • Stage-3 – Regional Group stage: February 2020
  • Stage-4 – Regional Semifinals: February 2020
  • Stage-5 – Regional Finals: March 2020
  • Stage-6 – World League: May 2020

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Here is the list of the 15 regions where regional qualifiers will take place.

  • Latam
  • Europe
  • Middle East and Africa
  • South Asia
  • North America
  • Brazil
  • Turkey
  • CIS
  • Germany
  • Iraq
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Wildcard
  • SA Wildcard

How to register in PMCO Spring Split 2020

The registration for the tournament is open from 3rd January and will be closing on 21st January 2020. The registration process is quite simple. The team has to register its name as well as details of each of the member in the roster. The teams can register on the official website of PUBG Mobile club open by clicking here.

Requirements for Registration

  1. Teams can’t change Roster after registrations.
  2. Participants must have reached the age of majority in his or her country of residence before the start of the Tournament, and must comply with any applicable age ratings from rating authorities and mobile platform ratings systems.
  3. A player under the legal age of majority in his or her country of residence, but older than 16 years of age (i.e. having lived for at least 16 calendar years after the date of birth) as of the Tournament start date may participate with consent from parents or legal guardians.
  4. No fewer than 3 players’ nationality must be the same region you register in, or a lawful resident of the jurisdiction in the Region for at least six (6) months.
  5. At the time of registration, players should be in platinum rank or higher.
  6. Team Rosters must be a minimum of 4 players and no more than 5 players with one player being a substitute player.
  7. Only mobile devices are allowed. Players that use tablets or a PC emulator will be disqualified from the PMCO.

P.S. – The teams from the regions including Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Chines Taipei, Hongkong China, Makau China regions will not be able to register from the link above.

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However, registrations for these regions will be announced at a later date. As soon as the dates are out, we will make sure to update the link for these regions here.

Are you planning for PMCO Spring Split 2020 registrations? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you liked reading the article, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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