Pokemon GO December 2022 Content Update

Pokemon GO Season 9: Mythical Wishes update will launch on December 3rd, 2022, as per the recent announcement from Niantic. It delivers tonnes of action and a fresh plot. The Pokémon Go Tour 2023, which is bringing trainers back to the Hoenn region, also begins with this.

A unique Raid Day that draws inspiration from the Hoenn region is being hosted as a celebration. Make sure to hurl Poké Balls at all of them while you can because it heralds the debut of some extremely potent Pokémon that won’t be accessible until the tour launches!

Spin the Gym Photo Discs to earn up to five free Raid Passes in Pokemon GO

On December 3rd, the Hoenn Mega Raid Day will only be accessible from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. local time. Players will meet Mega Sceptile, Mega Blaziken, and Mega Swampert during these three hours, with a small chance of running into Shiny variations.

By spinning gym photo discs during the event, players can receive up to five free raid passes. Additionally, if acquired during the event, all three Pokémon will have unique Charged Attacks. Sceptile will be aware that Swampert, Blaziken, and Frenzy Plant can all use Hydro Cannon.

Pokemon GO December 2022 update (Image via Niantic)

Some additional benefits are possible with a little assistance from the pocketbook. Players can purchase up to 12 free Raid Passes for $5.00 starting a day before the event. These trainers will also have a greater chance of obtaining Rare Candy XL and 50% more XP and 2x more Stardust from raid battles. You can buy the ticket in-game.

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