Pokemon Masters set to become Pokemon Masters EX with its anniversary update

Anniversary update coming August 27!

Pokemon Masters is set to change its name to Pokémon Masters EX with the game’s first-anniversary update on August 27. In this article, we will be talking about new additions to the game with this anniversary update as well as why they decided to change their name to Pokemon Masters EX.

About the new name ‘Pokemon Masters EX’

Pokemon Masters producer Yu Sasaki and operations producer Tetsuya Iguchi talked about the 1st-anniversary update of the game in an official announcement video. The first and biggest announcement, of course, was the change in the title from Pokemon Masters to Pokemon Masters EX. It seems that the ‘EX’ can be counted for two possible reasons- to remember the biggest ‘ex’pansion of the game so far with the upcoming update, or the different ‘ex’periences the game will offer to the players with the new update.

Pokemon Masters anniversary update features

6-star EX Sync Pairs

Certain 5-star Sync Pairs will be able to reach 6-star status after levelling them up and reaching certain conditions. Once at 6-star, their Sync Move will power up and they will gain a new outfit that you can switch to if you wish to do so.

Pokemon Masters Ex anniversary update 6 star EX sync pairs
Sygna Suit Red Charizard Sync Pair can be upgraded

Even though only some 5-star Sync Pairs will gain the ability to go to 6-star once the update hits, it is confirmed that more will gain access to it as updates go by. Furthermore, they will release Sync Pairs with 6-stars already unlocked.

Champion Stadium

In this new mode, players will have to form five teams of three Sync Pairs to fight five consecutive 3 on 3 battles. You can only use a Sync Pair once so you will have to plan out your teams. Your opponents will be the elite four of the Kanto region and the Champion of Kanto.

Pokemon Masters Ex anniversary update Champion Stadium

There will be two difficulties: normal and hard. On top of being generally more difficult, the hard mode will also change the enemy weaknesses from week to week.

Pokemon Masters events before & after anniversary update

Events leading up to August 27

The legendary event New World Dilemma is currently available. It will follow a story centered around Cyrus and Cynthia and involve the legendary Pokémon Palkia. Sygna Suit Cynthia and Kommo-o are also available in the shop.

In August 19 legendary arena Latios will begin. Latios will be weak to dragon and ice so ready your Sync Pairs!

Events that come with the 1-year anniversary

The first event (which drops August 27) is called Training with Legends. It’s a solo event where you fight powerful Sync Pairs on Pasio.

Next up is the Grass, Fire, and Water-Type Egg Event, scheduled for September 2. You will get the chance to hatch an egg with Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle in them. Last time, when eggs were introduced, you had to choose one between these three. This time around you’ll be able to attain all three. Plus they’ll have different move sets, so you can pick the one you like the most.

Pokemon Masters Ex anniversary update events

Lastly is the Family Ties story event, which is set for September 9. The story will revolve around Lily and her brother and mother, who enter a tournament despite having trouble syncing in battle.

That’s all about the Pokemon Masters rename and anniversary update as of now. We personally can’t wait for new Sygna Suit characters! Good luck to everyone!

Are you excited as Pokemon Masters change to Pokemon Masters EX with its 1st-anniversary update? Let us know in the comment section below.

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