Pokémon Unite datamine leaks reveal three new Pokémon, new Battle Pass, Holowears and Maps

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As we eagerly wait for the arrival of Tyranitar in the Pokémon Unite MOBA, some huge data-miner leaks now reveal something worth even more excitement for the players of this game. Several trusted sources for this game, including @ElChicoEevee, but first YouTuber Krashy, have confirmed the following additions to the game through datamine leaks, which includes three new Pokémon in September, just like Pokémon Unite MOBA promised officially. Now let’s get you all a summation of all the upcoming alterations or additions to the game, as per those leaks.

Introducing three new Pokémon

During the 1st Anniversary celebration, Pokémon Unite officially announced through all of its social media that after the arrival of Tyranitar in August, there would be three more Pokémon coming to the game in waves, eventually in September. Now, the leaks suggest that those three Pokémon would be an Attacker, a Speedster, and an all-rounder. Though the leak didn’t suggest any order of arrival, it did suggest the name of those Pokémon. They will be:

  • Mew – Attacker
  • Dodrio – Speedster
  • Scizor – All-rounder

Although whether Dodrio would evolve from a Doduo is not clear. However, leaks revealed that Scizor might just have a Scyther form before it levels up. Also, according to the sources, Dodrio and Scizor would be available in exchange for Aeos Gems for the first week, and after that, 14,000 Aeos Coins would work too.

But, as for Mew, there would be an event, and everybody would have a chance to add it to their roster. Also, as per @ElChicoEevee, Mew would be having 6 moves, and after level 5, the initially chosen moves can be reset to get another set of moves. Also, in-game captures have revealed one of Scyther/ Scizor’s moves to be Double Team.

New Map and Game modes

Pokmon Unite Datamine Leaks: New Map
Image via the Pokémon Company

The leaks suggest the addition of more Pokémon, but as Map objectives and Bosses. These new Pokémon would come in a new map (Sky Castle) and would be available as a Standard Battle map or in Quick Battles (new exclusive event). However, whether they would also be available for Ranked Matches, still remains a doubt. Here are the upcoming Wild and Boss Pokémon additions to the new map:-

  • Accelgor> Escavalier
  • Swablu> Altaria
  • Baltoy> Claydol
  • Bunnelby> Diggersby
  • Natu> Xatu
  • Indeedee
  • Regieleki
  • Regirock
  • Registeel
  • Regice
  • Rayquaza
Pokemon Unite Datamine Leaks: New Bosses Rayquaza, Regirock, and Registeel
Image via the Pokémon Company

Whether they would entirely replace the current Wild and Boss Pokémon is unclear, but chances of that are pretty slim. In the event of this, we would be updating our readers.

New Battle Pass Season and Holowears

All the speculations actually gathered some boost and strength only after the upcoming season’s Battle Pass trailer got leaked. The trailer clearly shows the addition of Mew, and it also gets a new Holowear. It also confirms the addition of the Map and all the associated Pokémon.

As per the leaked trailer, the upcoming Battle Pass would have an Azumarill and Mew Holowear as rewards. It would also contain Trainer skins and similar themed Holowears for Blastoise, Mr. Mime, and Slowbro. Also, the upcoming Speedster Dodrio would be having a Standard Purple and Orange Styled Holowear set.

Final Thoughts

Pokemon Unite new holowears
Image via the Pokémon Company

As of now, that would be that. There’s a lot about to happen in Pokémon Unite MOBA for the next few weeks. The datamine leaks now surely promise an eventful September. Do keep following our news for more updates on such leaks.

Are you excited about the addition of three new Pokémon in Pokémon Unite as per the datamine leaks? Let us know in the comment section below!

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