Pokémon Unite datamine leaks suggest that the shop will have updated discounts for Unite licenses, new additions and more

New holowear additions in store!

The latest Pokémon Unite datamine released by the trustable dataminer ElChicoEevee on Twitter has revealed good tidings, as the shop will now be experiencing big discounts in 2022 which will let players be able to grab more Pokémon, fashion sets, and holowears, at a much more cheaper price. Without much further ado, let us check out the latest updated discounts on Pokémon licenses, additional fashion sets, and more.

Pokémon Unite Battle Committee: Shop discounts

In the past, in the shop where Pokèmon can be bought by players, price discounts are coming to some of the favorite Pokèmon like Machamp, Garchomp, Mr. Mime, Mamoswine, and Aegislash amongst others. These price discounts include discounts on Aeons coin cost of some Pokémon, as well as discounts on the cost of Aeons gems needed to get them.

Pokémon Unite shop discounts 2022
Image via Shiny Unite

Additionally, there will be discounts on sets in the Aeos Emporium too, which sells items, sets, and fashion. Below is the list of Pokèmon that will have a price discount in the Pokèmon Unite Committee.

New Holowear additions

An additional datamine also revealed that some new holowear will soon be released. These holowears do make the game much more enjoyable for skin lovers, as they do make the gameplay much more stylish. The datamine shows that some of the holowear has discounts on their prices while some don’t. The leaked holowears that are expected to come are:

Final Thoughts

There has been so much to take in from these leaks, as the price discounts will make it quite easier to gather and get more Pokèmon. Alongside, the new holowears which will be released in the upcoming month do make the characters fancier to play.  Trainers are super energetic about these upcoming releases very soon in the TiMi Studios MOBA.

Are you excited about the new shop discounts, additions coming to Pokémon Unite in 2022? Let us know in the comments section below!

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