Pokémon Unite Machamp Guide: Best Builds, Held items, Movesets and Gameplay Tips

Tips to play Machamp in the all-new MOBA Pokémon Unite!

Machamp is the sole pure fighting-type Pokémon available in the Pokémon Unite MOBA. It plays the role of an all-rounder in the team. Machamp also has to come through three evolutionary stages like many other Pokémon in the game, Machop, Machoke, and then finally turns into Machamp. It is a melee-ranged all-rounder to be precise and has the ability to single-handedly put the opponents in trouble with its strong and damaging fighting-type moves. In this guide, we will let you know all about Machamp, the S-tier allrounder in Pokémon Unite, its abilities, best items, and team compositions.

Previously, we have discussed how to master playing with other Pokémon like Pikachu, MamoswineEldegoss, Zeraora, BlisseyCharizardSnorlaxTsareenaDecidueyeDragoniteTalonflameCinderaceGreninjaGardevoirVenusaurWigglytuffTrevenantGengarLucario, Aegislash, Crustle, Hoopa, Garchomp Absol, Alolan Ninetales, Duraludon, Cramorant, Blastoise, and Slowbro. Therefore, one must make sure to check those guides as well. For now, let’s focus on Machamp.

Machamp: In-game cost

Pokemon Unite Machamp
Image via The Pokémon Company

Machamp is available in the Pokemon Unite Committee for either 8000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos gems. It also has several skins available in the shop, of varying prices. The shop consists of all the characters available from which players can view general info, stats, and abilities of the Pokémon before purchasing them.

Machamp Stats and Evolution

1st Evolution2nd Evolution3rd Evolution

Machop (Lv. 1)

Machoke (Lv. 5)

Machamp (Lv. 9)

Pokémon Unite Machamp movesets

As already stated earlier, Machamp is one of the best all-rounders available in the game. It has a range of damage-dealing moves in its closet. Machamp’s high offense and relatively decent endurance, mobility, and scoring stats make it an indeed top all-rounder.

Basic Attack

Every third basic attack from Machamp becomes a boosted attack, dealing increased damage when it hits. It further decreases the opponent’s movement speed for a short time.

Passive – Guts

The skill increases Machamp’s attack when a status condition inflicts upon it.

Ability 1 – Bulk Up

After unleashing the popular fighting-type move, the player’s movement speed, attack, and basic attack speed increase. The player also becomes immune to hindrances for a short period of time. Machamp’s next basic attack also becomes boosted.

Ability Choices at Level 5

After Machop’s evolution into Machoke at level 5, Bulk Up can also be upgraded to either of these two moves.

Dynamic PunchSubmission
The player jumps to the designated location, dealing damage to the opposition in the AoE, leaving them numb. After unleashing this move, the player becomes immune to hindrances, besides increasing its movement speed and attack.

The players’ next basic attack also becomes a boosted attack.
The skill increases the players’ movement speed and makes them immune to hindrances for a while. When Machamp hits a basic attack following this move, the attack deals increased damage and slams the opponent on the ground, leaving it unable to act.

Once the whole scenario of this move ends, the players’ critical hit rate and basic attack speed increase for a short time.
Upgrade- The skill further increases attack and movement speed. Upgrade- The skill further increases the critical-hit rate and increases basic attack speed.

Ability 2 – Karate Chop

With this move, the player attacks the opposing Pokemon with a harp chop, dealing damage.

Ability Choices at Level 7

At level 7, Karate Chop can be upgraded to either of these 2 fighting-type moves.

Close CombatCross Chop
The player unleashes a series of punches in the desired direction. The last punch deals increased damage. Machamp can also move while using this move, besides coming immune to hindrances.
The skill has the player deliver a double-chop with forearms crossed while dashing forward. This also increases the user’s critical-hit rate.
Upgrade: It deals increased damage to the Pokmon with status conditions. Upgrade- The skill increases attack with each basic attack, up to a set maximum.

Unite Move – Barrage Blow

At first, it increases the players’ movement speed, which includes attack, defense, and sp. defense for a short time. If used again, the skill unleashes a combo attack, dealing damage to the opposing Pokémon in the AoE and shoving them. The final blow deals an especially large amount of damage.

Best items for Machamp in Pokémon Unite

Further in this guide, we will discuss the best-held items for Machamp in Pokémon Unite, as well as its best battle item.

Best Held Items

Item(s)Why it’s useful
Muscle BandWhen Basic Attack hits, the damage is increased by 2% of the opposing Pokemon’s remaining HP.
Scope LensThis item increases the damage of basic attack critical hits.
Attack WeightEvery time, Garchomp would score a goal, its attack would increase.

Besides the above-suggested builds, a Machamp player may also use the following item builds:

  • Weakness Policy, Muscle Band, Scope Lens.
  • Attack Weight, Score Shield, Scope Lens.
  • Attack Weight, Muscle Band, Focus Band.
  • Attack Weight, Focus Band, Score Shield.

Best Battle Items

  • Eject Button: It helps Machamp to quickly move to a designated place when retreating or chasing opponents.
  • Potion: Since, moves like Submission and Cross-chop have already been provided, either of a speed boost or dash to Machamp, players must use potion as an alternative to eject button would also be a wise choice. The potion would gradually restore the Pokemons’ HP, when not battling.
  • X-Attack: Although not a priority, if using this, it might help boost Machamp’s attack, when countering several enemies or bosses.

Pokémon Unite Machamp Gameplay Tips

Apparently, all of Machamp’s stats are pretty decent, except Support. Rather, Machamp sometimes would be the one who needs support. Except for some teamfights, of course, the Pokemon can handle 1-on-1 fights with comfort. Here are some early and late game tips for playing with Machamp. Our Pokémon Unite Machamp guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game, during the Unite battles.

Early Game

As a Machop, the move of Karate Chop can deal more damage and has a lesser CD time. Players can opt for Karate Chop at first, since leveling up, while dealing damage should be the priority. When Bulk Up is available at level 3, players must use it wisely. They must not just use it as a speed boost. Instead, they can use it when they are near enemies, and land as many basic attacks as possible, as long as its effect stays.

Pokémon Unite Machamp Guide
Image via The Pokemon Company

Players can then reach Level 5 before the opponents at least, where the best way to do so is by jungling. They must use Bulk Up to get the Ludicolo or Bouffolant kills, as fast as possible. At level 5, Machoke comes into the light along with Submission or Dynamic Punch.

Submission can be an excellent choice for quick getaways or chasing the retreating opponents. However, for team fights or boss fights, they must use Dynamic Punch. Players must choose items, as per their strategy or playing style.

Late Game

Karate Chop at level 7 becomes either of Cross Chop or Close Combat. Cross Chop, like Submission, can be used as a retreating option, due to its dash nature. Close Combat, like Dynamic Punch, is excellent for team and boss fights. With the final evolution, players must use the Unite move wisely too. Players do not use the Unite move, just as a buff. Immediately, players must unleash the second part of the move, by dealing with repeated punches.

machamp late gameplay pokemon unite
Image via The Pokemon Company

Players must use a Unite move and Close Combat combo for additional damage and frustrating the opponents. Whenever getting into team fights, players must make sure to have an exit plan. Machamp can be good in a 1v1 fight but can be weak when becoming the center of attention for the enemies.

Last but not the least, players don’t worry about status moves that leave Pokémon poisoned or burnt. Players approach Pokémon, who use such moves, getting into team fights, players must make sure to have an exit plan. Machamp can be good in a 1v1 with them, as Machamp’s Passive makes it stronger when afflicted by status moves.

Positioning of Machamp

The best path for Machamp would be the bottom lane. Be it either of its evolutionary stages, the moves Machamp has are really powerful, especially against low-level opponents or wild Pokemon. Focus on farming the bottom lane Aipoms and Audinos. The cluster of Combees and Vespiqueen should be hunted down by moves like close combat. The 2nd priority should be the jungle.

Machamp with other Pokémon

Our Pokémon Unite Machamp guide would also talk about the relationship between Machamp and other Pokémon.

Best synergies with Machamp

Though jungling hardly requires an adventure-mate, the following Pokémon can team up perfectly with Machamp, if needed.

BlisseyThe healing moves of this supporter would keep Machamp in the battle as much as possible.
SnorlaxThe shielding moves on opponents would help Machamp have some kills. Snorlax being a defender would also take in a lot of damage.
EldegossWould help Machamp heal after battles besides also providing speed boosts or shields.

Pokemon which are strong and weak against Machamp

Pokémon that Machamp countersPokémon that counters Machamp
Gardevoir Crustle
Decidueye  Slowbro
Pikachu Cinderace
 Talonflame Aegislash
 Blastoise Dragonite

Pokémon Unite Machamp: Tips, tricks and strategies

Our Pokémon Unite Machamp guide includes the perfect game plan for the early and late game during the Unite battles.

  1. Machamp’s damage-dealing moves are all melee-type. Hence, they must close in on opponents for hits.
  2. Players must use the Submission item, just as a speed boost, if necessary. They must accompany it with an X-Speed if holding it.
  3. They must store the Unite move for boss fights. If the strategy is to take up as many boss fights as possible, players must use the move combo of Dynamic Punch and Close Combat. Players choose Eject Button as a battle item, for such instance.
  4. Try practicing several move combos in offline mode. Combos like Submission+ Barrage Blow, Submission+ Close Combat, etc.
  5. Several crowd control moves can also be easily dealt with, by Machamp’s unstoppable status effect. Keep this in mind.
  6. Try bringing all the opponents to cluster together and then unleash the Unite Move.
  7. Being late bloomers, players must ask their teammates to let players have the last hits on wild Pokémon in the early stages.
  8. They must prioritize the Zapdo fight, with the team’s consent. Defending goals would be fruitless alone, hence Zapdos fight.
  9. Last but not the least, be a team man. Only jungle in the middle if lagging behind on level. Switch between lanes if necessary to score goals and K.O. retreating opponents.

Final Thoughts

Machamp is indeed an easy-to-handle all-rounder, which is available in the game. Players must practice controlling it, keeping the said points and tricks in mind.

That’s all for today’s Pokémon Unite Machamp Guide. Do you prefer to use Machamp in any other way? Let us know in the comment section below!

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