Pokémon Unite datamine leaks suggest the addition of Tyranitar, holowears, and a new Battle pass

Tyranitar can become the game's latest addition!

July’s significant events indeed do look promising for the Pokémon MOBA. As we approach mid-July, the wait for a probable introduction of Glaceon seems to be over. However, not only that, as of now, dataminers have leaked the potential entry of Tyranitar, a new Pokémon that is coming to Pokémon Unite, succeeding the rumored Glaceon and Buzzwole. Also, the start of a new Battle Pass season has been their part of leaks.

Datamine leaks reveal the addition of Tyranitar to Pokémon Unite

Twitter user @Eclipse Darkrai Umbra has claimed that Tyranitar might be the latest addition to the game. Also confirmed by reliable dataminer @ElChicoEevee, the pseudo-legendary Pokémon would be following the arrivals of Glaceon and Buzzwole. The dual Rock/Dark-type Pokémon would likely feature as an all-rounder. Not much information is available yet about the Pokémons’ addition, but two of its previous evolutionary stages would also probably come to the game. With Glaceon’s likely arrival on July 21st, 2022, Buzzwole and Tyranitar might arrive in the game in August.

Pokémon Unite dataminers Tyranitar
Image via The Pokemon Company

However, The Pokemon Company hasn’t declared any official date yet. But, the release date of Buzzwole might be early August as per the leaks. This might make the date of Tyranitar’s probable release mid or late-August. What further strengthens the rumor of Tyranitar’s arrival is its leaked Holowear, which matches the style of several other Pokémon.

Pokémon Unite: New Battle Pass Season and Holowears

As for the upcoming Battle Pass, it might be centered around a musical theme yet again. As per the leaks, besides the rumored Tyranitar, Pokémon like Trevenant, Azumarill, Zeraora, Pikachu, and many others are getting new holowear. The holowears would be seemingly concert or gala styled, instead of traditional ones. The current ranked Battle Pass season ends on July 21st, which might see the latest additions after that. Probably, the new season might start with these Concert and Gala-style holowears, as per the leaks.

Pokémon Unite dataminers Tyranitar
Image via The Pokemon Company

To conclude, the following season might see the introduction of three new Pokemon within one-and-a-half months of its initiation. The addition of a new Pseudo-Legendary would no doubt add to the excitement of the game for many. Keep following our news to know any further updates on this Tyranitar stance.

What are your thoughts on Pokémon UNITE dataminers, who have leaked the arrival of Tyranitar? Let us know in the comment section below!

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