Pokémon Unite to release two new playable Pokémon in the coming months

Pokémon Unite teased the news on their Twitter handle!

The release of Duraludon was massive for the Pokémon Unite MOBA, and now the team is back with another round of two playable Pokemon characters, releasing in April. Duraludon was seen looking over two files that said confidential and newly spotted. This means that the two Pokémons will join Duraludon and others in the battle.

From the looks of it, it seems that the first Pokémon released in April will be an all-rounder, but there is very less information about the second Pokémon. Hardcore Pokémon fans are anxiously looking forward to this release as the teaser has sparked a wave of curiosity.

Two new Pokémon are joining the battlefield next month

Like every time, Pokémon fans and Pokeminers have done enough digging on this release. As per the given clues in the teaser for the first Pokémon, blue hands are visible in the picture, and the Pokémon with blue hands and the all-rounder role is the water/fairy type Pokémon, Azumarill, which first appeared in the Pokémon Gold and Silver series.

Azumarill is an intense all-rounder with access to a wide range of water-based moves and the ability to defend and deal damage to opponents. Its main abilities include thick fat and huge power, while its weaknesses are grass, electricity, and poison.

Azumarill Pokemon Unite Cover Guide
Image via the Pokemon Company

On the other hand, there have been very few clues about the second Pokémon. The file is named “confidential” and says “photos are being taken“. There’s one more clue saying, “This Pokémon is getting active around the neighborhood lately.” All this is set on a background that consists of a music stage starring as the centerpiece of this season’s battle pass alongside Sylveon.

Final Thoughts

This might be another way to push the season pass, but with these clues, there’s a possibility that the next Pokémon could be known for making music like Kricketune or Meloetta. Though these predictions may go wrong, some other Pokémon might replace them. We can only wait for the official announcement to find out everything about this.

Are you excited about the release of two new playable Pokémon characters in Pokémon Unite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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It might be Wobuffet

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