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Polygon Fantasy is a Diablo-like ARPG available as early access on Android in selected regions

Choose from multiple characters or play as all of them too!

Polygon Fantasy is a modern take on an old-school hack-and-slash action RPG by Alda Games currently available on early access for Android users. This game has everything that one would expect from a Diablo-like game like tons of randomly-generated loot, character skill customization, passive attributes, cool perks, socketed items, crafting, and merging gems. Players will get to explore rich environments, dungeons full of traps, and mystical places, all filled with an abundance of various enemies who come in many forms.

Play in a land of evil where only the most capable heroes can prevail

Polygon Fantasy is based in a land named Twisted Realm where players will get to play as a mighty warrior, a nimble rogue or a witch blazing with powerful magic, or some other character. They can also play as all of them. They will also get to level up, choose new skills and find or craft the best equipment they can.

The possibilities in this game are endless. The game has classic archetypes like powerful Barbarian, shapeshifting Druid, arcane Wizard or undead-summoning Necromancer are present in it along with new exciting options like Butcher, Hag, or Northener.

Polygon Fantasy early access
Image via Aldo Games

Polygon Fantasy: A captivating storyline spanning 4 different acts now on early access

Polygon Fantasy has a lot of features like getting to choose from multiple characters or also play as all of them if the player wishes to do so. They also have the typical hack and slash gameplay which can be found in almost every RPG game. The game has a very captivating storyline spanning 4 acts in completely different locations which range from beautiful forests of Blade Valley to treacherous Eternium Desert and Exiled Kingdoms of Twisted Realm or ice-covered Northern Empire where it is only a matter of time before yeti or blizzard ends the player’s life.

The developers also claim that the game has a lot of randomly-generated loot along with a great variety of enemies with randomly generated abilities like goblins, humans, dragons, and various magical monsters. It also comes with intuitive controls and also seasons with a lot of amazing rewards for everyone along with many more features.

The game is out on early access in selected regions for only Android devices as of yet. Players can keep themselves up to date about the iOS release from the official Facebook page. Android users can play the game in early access and install it from the Google Play Store.

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