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NCSoft showcases trailer of Project E and Project TL ahead of 2022 release

New games from NCsoft are about to arrive!

NCsoft has released the trailer of their two new projects, Project TL and Project E. CEO Taekjin Kim have released the trailers of these new projects, Project TL (Throne and Liberty) and Project E. These are NCsoft’s two new IPs’ all set to release this year, 2022. These two games were a part of the five games that were announced by NC for this year during an announcement in February. NCsoft had announced 5 new games for the year 2022, which would be available on multiple platforms including mobile, PC, and consoles.

Both Project TL and Project E share a worldview, with history and story from two different continents in one worldview. TL is centered on the Western medieval concept of the Solisium continent, and Project E is centered on the Eastern medieval concept of the Laisak (tentative name) continent. Currently, Project TL is under development for PC and is expected to hit the global markets by the third quarter of this year.

Project TL

The trailer video which was released today by NCsoft gives the players a glimpse of the game. The video depicts the Western medieval concept of the game with narrow and busy streets. The video also gives a glimpse of the intense fighting scenes from the game, an idea of the terrain, the change of time, and also introduces the boss monster. The video also showcases the characters’ power to transform into an animal-based on land, water, and air. These animals can explore exclusive locations on the map.

Image via NCsoft

TL’s main highlight, according to NC, is the effect of the environment on the game. The wind in the map will result in the change of the bow’s range, rain and lighting will give rise to the lightning-type magic, which is used. A single target attack is applied as a wide-area skill, that creates a chain effect. Players can enjoy the gameplay of TL in multiplayer mode, by making strategies and planning attacks using the terrain feature and the surroundings to surprise enemies.

Project E

Project E teaser was released in February 2022. Now, the official trailer completes the connection between Project E and Project TL. In the trailer, the Eastern medieval concept looks evident, because of the highly intricate background. The trailer video also gives an idea of the connection between the worldview of both the projects with the elf, who appears in the latter part of the video.

Project E Project TL trailer NCsoft
Image via NCsoft

Project E revolves around the events that occur after the ‘Fortress of Silence’  falls down to the Eastern Continent, this affects the topography and the vegetation of the continent. Silabseong is an oriental interpretation of the ‘Star of Silaves’ that appears in the TL worldview.

Players can stay updated from the official NCSoft website

NCsoft has not released any detailed information on both projects yet. They plan to do that in the future, along with the rest of the three games, that is to be released from the 5-game roster.

Players can stay updated on all the information about Project TL and Project E by visiting NC’s official website or by following the official social media handles.

What are your thoughts on Project E and Project TL trailer showcased by NCsoft? Let us know in the comments below.

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