Project RushB is set to enter a closed beta test on July 27 in selected regions

Enjoy the environment of console level gameplay on mobile!

Project RushB is a 5v5 team-based first-person shooter game released by Laser Edge Studios. It is developed by Press Fire Games who are also the creators of Battle Prime. The game is similar to some popular games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant in some aspects. The closed beta test of Project RushB will start on July 27, 2022, in selected regions of the Philippines, Brazil, and Canada and will soon be released in other regions.

Project RushB boasts to provide console-level features experience on Mobile

In Project RushB, players will need to pick a Hero as their character to play. Each hero has a different ability which gives the player using it an advantage in one way or another. The game has just one mode called the Bomb Defuse Mode. Here players will need to fight alongside their teammates and either kill all the other enemies before the countdown ends or defend the bomb after planting it. 

Project RushB has no aim assist and this has been a conscious decision from the developers to keep it out of the game. No aim assist makes the game even more competitive and everyone has a fair shot. Players can win only based on their shooting skills as there’s no feature to help them in shooting or aiming. Heroes have three unique abilities and the timing of the players using the abilities heavily influences the outcome of the game.

The developers claim to have made the game in such a way that the only way to win can be through using good strategies, tactics, and skills. They have said that there are no paid items in the game to provide players with an advantage in the matches. And also stated that there will never be one in the future too.

Enjoy exciting 15-minute matches with smooth gameplay and high-end graphics

The game has been nicely optimized for mobile users so that they can completely enjoy it without any lagging issues in 15-minute matches. It has smooth controls and they are customizable too. It also uses a self-developed game engine. This provides a good balance between performance and graphics for low-end devices and high-quality graphics for high-end devices.

Project RushB fast paced gameplay
Image via Laser Edge Studios

Project RushB will be available for a round of closed beta test in the selected regions on Android devices only. There are no updates about the game’s iOS release. Interested Players from the regions who wish to participate in the closed beta test should pre-register quickly as it has limited vacancies. Players from outside the regions will have to wait for the game to come to their countries. Interested players can follow Project RushB’s official Facebook page for more updates.

Are you excited as Project RushB will launch its closed beta test on July 27? Let us know in the comments below!

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