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PUBG Mobile or BGMI in-game chat system is getting a major revamp soon

So many things to be added to the chat system to improve the experience

PUBG Mobile or BGMI developers often reached out to the players through Dev Talk social events to share new features or any updates that may come in the future. In Part 2 of the Dev Talk, the developers of PUBG Mobile shared a lot of information about what may come in the future, including Clans and Cheer Park. The developers have also answered players’ astute questions about security, gameplay, etc. The developers revealed that one of the significant changes is a chat system revamp in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile or BGMI Chat system Revamp: Upcoming features

The in-game chat system of PUBG Mobile is now getting a major revamp. Players can now use the chat system much safer. Certain improvements have been made to various aspects of it.

Players can now avoid unwanted invitations from strangers

This is one of the changes that PUBGM or BGMI players wanted for a long time. Players often feel harassed when strangers keep inviting them to join their team. So, the game will introduce an option in the settings of the new version, which players can enable to avoid unwanted invitations.

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Improvement coming to the team recruitment feature and recruitment channel

For this feature, the developers are planning to merge the underutilized team recruitment feature with the recruitment channel and upgrade it. This will help players to team up and rank up even faster.

Improvement in the World Chat

World Chat is used by some players to spread harmful advertisements. So, the negative effect of this system will be handled seriously. The filtering system will be improved after the PUBG Mobile or BGMI chat system revamp. The developers have said that they’re always expanding the database of blocked terms in various languages for chats to filter out more harmful advertisements. But mostly, the improvements will be made as a whole.

Players can send invites to offline members in future

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Though there’s less possibility of implementing this feature in near future, because of the complexity of technology. But, we may see it as the technicians are looking at the possibility of connecting the game with social platforms so that social platforms can push messages from the game to players to help players contact offline friends.

Fix to the friend list refreshes/moves too quickly

This issue is also on the list of improvements. In the upcoming versions, we may see an improvement in the system that is used to display chat messages with friends. These upcoming features will surely add more excitement and will improve the gameplay experience.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming chat system revamp in PUBG Mobile or BGMI? Let us know in the comments below!

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