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PUBG Mobile or BGMI Aftermath Map: New locations, special features and more

A remodeled version of Livik!

PUBG Mobile or BGMI in its latest 1.8 version update which rolled out yesterday, has got a new classic mode map called Aftermath. The map is in fact a remodeled version of the 2×2 map Livik capable of holding up to 64 players in the lobby.

The update came with several new features and changes such as a new lobby UI, a more advanced merit points system, and the addition of unranked classic matches in the game. In this article, we’ll be talking about the top 5 new features of the Aftermath map.

New features of the Aftermath map in PUBG Mobile

1.New textures, remodelled map

As we know, Aftermath is set in the Livik map in the near future where the volcano present in the bottom left of the map has erupted causing a vast change in the landform and overall looks of the map. The area around Holdhus, Helle, and Power Plant has completely changed and is now a volcanic terrain with barren stretches of land.

Landing near the volcano also deals damage to the player owing to the heat and the lava flowing by the site. Buildings and compounds all over the map are ruined from the volcanic eruption and they are missing roofs, and rooms have caved in or have been demolished. Also, all the snow on the northern side of the map has also melted as a result.

2. New in-game Supply Shop

A new supply shop has been added as part of the new map. The supply shop has directly drawn inspiration from the Flora Menace and the Mirror World mode. Players will be able to pick up supply coins found randomly all over the map and use them to buy their required gear or supplies from the shop once they reach the number of coins needed.

Pubg mobile supply shop
New Supply Shop

This ensures players don’t run out of loot mid-fight and also enables them to keep themselves replenished throughout the game. The only drawback is that the vending machine can only be found in compounds on the map and players won’t be able to summon items anytime or anywhere.

3. Zipline Platform

Another exciting feature that has arrived in the Aftermath map is the zipline platform. It is a long stretched cable running from one part of the map to another which lets a player travel a fairly long distance quickly with the help of an automatic zipline. All the player has to do is go near the platform and tap the zipline button.

New Map Aftermath Zipline

The drawbacks are that it cannot be canceled midway and guns cannot be used while moving forward, thus making the player an easy target for any nearby enemies. So it is suggested to first scout the area for enemies before using it. The ziplines are displayed on the minimap and indicated by long unbroken lines.

4. The Recall Tower

Perhaps the most clutch feature of the map, the recall tower is an old-existing concept in the game but is seen for the first time in a classic match. Earlier available in Payload mode, the recall towers are spawned throughout the map and are visible on the minimap.

 Aftermath Recall Tower
Recall Tower

If a teammate is killed mid-game, the player can travel to one of the recall towers and bring them back to the game even after their death. The player can be revived and brought back the same way if their teammate utilizes this feature. This provides for more tactical fights given the knowledge that a dead player can be brought back.

5. The AC Core Module sight

In the Aftermath map, running guns no-scope isn’t a possibility anymore. Every gun will be equipped with an AC Core Module by default thus enabling players to get a sight without hassle. It also comes with added features such as more stability to the weapon, lesser recoil, and faster ADS time.

Pubg Mobile AC Core Module Sight
AC Core Module Sight

This is supposed to help knock distant enemies even with a gun having high recoil with the AC Core Module. This can account for more early long-range gunfights and precision fights owing to the advantages that come with the Module.


All in all, the current update looks like a pretty solid one, and the addition of Aftermath is one of the factors why. It aims to push players to engage in fights more while at the same time offering a fresh breath to the players yearning for a change in the existing maps. Thus, with plenty of changes and new features, the Aftermath map can very well become a hot cake for the players, with the addition of unranked classics boosting the cause.

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