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PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Mode: All you need to know

Time for some old-school April Fools Pranks!

A brand new mode is all set to release in PUBG Mobile global version just before April Fools Day on March 31 called the Graffiti Prank Mode. Recently PUBG Mobile announced the arrival of this mode earlier today through their Twitter handle. The new event will be available on the Erangel map only. In this article, you will get to know everything about the brand new Graffiti PrankMode in PUBG Mobile including some tips and tricks on how to stay prepared for the upcoming event.

About the Graffiti Prank Mode in PUBG Mobile


Previously a few new achievements have been added in the 3rd-anniversary version of the game. One such achievement is the Rhythm Hero achievement in the Erangel map. Under the following achievement, you might have noticed two new sub-achievements that shall unlock on 31 March. These achievements are based on the new Graffiti Prank Mode.

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank


The Graffiti prank mode had released into the 1.3 beta version of the game under the name Clowns’ Tricks. The mode is exclusive for Erangel Map.

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank

The players will find Clown shops on the Erangel map whenever one boards the plane. The locations of these clown shops will be revealed in the game after a short time.

Using the Clown Shop in Graffiti Prank Mode

A player can purchase fun items in the shops or even guns/armors to equip. For that players will need both gold and silver coins. The gold and silver coins will be available all throughout the map inside houses or on containers or even on killing players/bots. Guns like M416, Scarl, AKM will be available in the clown shops along with level 3 armor. Other than this another interesting new feature will be available in the map section of the clown shop called Pan Warfare.

PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank
  • Pan Warfare: Playzone – The location of the next play zone will appear on a map. If a player is pushing the rank then this feature will be the best to use.
  • Pan Warfare: Heatmap – The location of the enemies will be revealed and it will show on a mini-map. This shall be the most exciting feature.
  • Pan Warfare: Airdrop – The Location of the next airdrop will appear on the mini-map. This feature is helpful if you want to loot drops.

The new Graffiti Prank mode seems to be quite fun with all the Clown Shops around. But beware of enemies. Clown shop areas seem to be quite hot-drop locations. The pan warfare heatmap is all there to reveal your location to enemies. So do expect a rush on your squad anytime!

What do you think about the new PUBG Mobile Graffiti Prank Mode? Share your thoughts and experiences on the new update in the comment section below!

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