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PUBG Mobile launches its second collaboration with Baby Shark

Experience the fun of Baby Shark in one of the world’s most popular mobile games!

PUBG Mobile today launched its second collaboration with one of the most influential pop culture icons behind the most-watched YouTube video of all time, Baby Shark. Players can now obtain a variety of Baby Shark-themed cosmetic items, as well as watch an all-new music video featuring PUBG Mobile and Baby Shark’s airdrop-hunting team.

Previously PUBG Mobile had collaborated with Baby Shark back in October, last year.

Grab exclusive Baby Shark items in PUBG Mobile

Players will be able to purchase a number of new special Baby Shark items between May 9th and June 2nd,2022 ranging from a motorcycle and parachute to helmets and bags – see the entire list below:

  • Baby Shark & William Motorcycle
  • Baby Shark Finish
  • Baby Shark Smoke Grenade
  • Baby Shark Parachute
  • William Ornament
  • Baby Shark Helmets
  • Baby Shark Backpacks
  • Baby Shark Set (Not available in North America)
  • William Set (Not available in North America)
  • Baby Shark Pan (Not available in North America)

Enjoy the popular song with a special twist

Fans can now see a new music video featuring The Treasure Squad, a PUBG Mobile, and Baby Shark team on the lookout for airdrops! This new song will be familiar to anyone who has heard of Baby Shark’s global sensation, but with a PUBG Mobile twist!

Vincent Wang, Head of PUBG Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games said, “We’re thrilled to be working with Pinkfong Baby Shark again, bringing colorful items and music to PUBG Mobile. We can’t wait to see our players exploring Erangel in their new Baby Shark gear, and we hope that our new song will bring joy to everyone in the PUBG Mobile and Baby Shark communities!

Baby Shark has become a cultural icon, with branded serial material being released across numerous industries as well as potential film adaptations. In October 2021, PUBG Mobile teamed up with Baby Shark to offer Baby Shark-themed gear and emotes to the battle royale, allowing players to mimic Baby Shark’s iconic dance routines in-game.

Baby Shark, a big cultural icon, is a perfect match for PUBG Mobile, a game that continues to define the Battle Royale genre while adding fresh and inventive gameplay to stay at the forefront of mobile gaming.

Are you excited about the second collaboration of PUBG Mobile with Baby Shark? Let us know in the comments below!

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