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PUBG Mobile: New TDM map ‘Ruins’ has arrived in the game

The most awaited PUBG Mobile Season 10 has already arrived in the game. And after the beginning of Season 10, developers are rolling out new changes in the game. TDM Mode which is popularly known as Team Deathmatch Mode was released in PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Update. At that time only a single Warehouse map was available to play. After rolling out this mode, PUBG Mobile team received such a huge positive feedback from their fans, that they released a new map called “Ruins” especially for TDM Mode.

Before knowing about this in details, let’s take a look at Tweet posted in official PUBG Mobile’ Twitter handle.

About this new PUBG Mobile TDM map ‘Ruins’

Ruines, the new TDM Map was picked from one of the most popular loot locations in Sanhok. This newly released map is a bit different from the old one TDM Warehouse. The players can now loot their Enemy’s crate after killing them. This is not possible in the other TDM map which is the Warehouse Map.
Along with this, the spawn point of the players will now vary according to the position of Enemies, which means now the Enemies can’t hunt you even just after you spawn.

Although, the whole map is a bit tricky and like a maze. There are many hiding spots, so make sure to check every corner before proceeding otherwise you will definitely be dead by players hiding in those spots.
Recently, the newly launched SMG weapon MP5K has been made available in Vikendi Map. Developers seem to be in full preparation to take the game to a greater level after 0.15.0 Update.

What are your views about the new TDM map? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you liked reading this article, do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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