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PUBG Mobile: S8UL signs popular BGMI player SNAX as a part of its gamer and content creator roster

Raj Verma, aka SNAX, is the newest addition to the S8UL roster of illustrious gamers and content developers in PUBG Mobile or BGMI. S8UL is the top esports organization in India. As always, S8UL is excited to support its creators and wants to give SNAX the chance to realize its professional goals.

The fans will undoubtedly see some defining content pieces from S8UL in the days to come because SNAX is such a passionate team player, sportsman, and content developer for S8UL. The creator received nice remarks from S8UL owners Thug, Goldy, and Mortal. He also expressed his delight at joining the S8UL family.

S8UL is moving further towards its vision to become a one-stop platform for India’s leading gaming content creators

Snax, who is from Hyderabad, has a sizable following in the country’s South, as evidenced at the most recent DreamHack’22. His entrance into S8UL was announced during the ceremony, and the reaction from the crowd was absolutely insane.

S8UL SNAX is well known among PUBG Mobile or BGMI players for its assaulting techniques. With 1.38 million YouTube subscribers, 863K Loco followers, and 730K Instagram followers, SNAX is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest names in the sector.

Snax is a professional Esports athlete known for his accomplishments in BGMI with teams like Team XO and Velocity Gaming in addition to creating video. Earlier this year, the 22-year-old won the Upthrust Esports India Rising and Skyesports Grand Slam events. As a part of one of India’s biggest centers for Esports and gaming content, he will also be executing campaigns and utilizing new brand relationships in addition to creating content.

The same was announced by the owners at DreamHack 2022 as well as on the S8UL official social media accounts. S8UL and 8Bit Creatives co-founder Lokesh Jain said “Big welcome to SNAX gaming from #S8UL. Let’s work together to create some outstanding material in the future. Through 8Bit Creatives, we have already seen a portion of Snax’s journey, and this pan-Indian designer is poised for a BIG 2023!”

With this entrance, S8UL takes another step toward its goal of becoming a hub for the finest gaming content producers in India to unite and produce entertaining content for fans and players. Fans can anticipate greater and better things from S8UL as a result of the collaboration of artists like Mortal, Scout, Viper, Snax, Thug, Payal, Mamba, and more. Snax will also be given the opportunity to stay at S8UL’s cutting-edge gaming facility in Mumbai, which costs $1 million.

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